Marvel Universe Live in Ottawa ~ A Review

Marvel Universe Live in Ottawa ~ A Review

I stood at the front door and yelled. ” Avengers Assemble!” Captain America and Spider-man came running at me and then through me out the door, to the car and they hopped in. One quick picture and we were off to see Marvel Universe Live at the Canadian Tire Centre and all their favourite super heroes up close and personal.  My boys 4 and 6 were excited to see a live action Marvel show since they are too young for the movies and I was excited to see an Avengers team that finally includes Spider-man and Wolverine. 

Marvel Universe Live - Ottawa
Me and my boys heading to Marvel Universe Live in Ottawa

I purchased the boys popcorn as I had promised them earlier in the week I would and it cost me $30 ($15 each with a cheap Marvel bag).  There were lots of kids dressed up as their favourite super heroes and dads like me wearing Marvel character t-shirts and you could feel the excitement in the air. 

Marvel Universe Live in Ottawa ~ A Review
Marvel Universe Live in Ottawa ~ A Review

And Bang!

The Marvel Universe Live show started with a bang that made everyone jump out of their seats, with the cosmic cube being smashed with Thor’s hammer. This led to Loki (pictured below)  with Red Skull Madam Hydra, Killain Albrich, Green Goblin, Electro, Rhino, Doc Oc, Lizard and Black Cat starting trouble again here on Earth and the need for the Avengers – Iron Man, Spider-man, Captain America, Thor, Ms Marvel, Hawkeye, Agent Maria Hill, Nick Fury, Storm, Cyclops, Black Widow, Falcon, Bruce Banner (Hulk) and Wolverine to assemble in order to stop him. The first half of the show sets up the plot and brings together all the avengers and assigning them their missions and villains they will have to take on in the second half. 

Marvel Universe Live Ottawa
Marvel Universe Live in Ottawa

Marvel Non Stop Action and Projection

The second half of the Marvel Universe Live show is non stop action with amazing set pieces including the Statue of Liberty right inside the Canadian Tire Centre. There was a gigantic backdrop screen which uses projection-mapping technology to transform scenes from Tony Stark’s laboratory,  AIM’s factory, Loki’s base in the Himalayas and more.  It enabled them to show Iron Man’s suit to “fly” onto his body and for Wolverine and Hulk to get caught in an avalanche while climbing to Loki’s base. The boys were in awe of the awesome stunts involving wire work, motorcycles, car chases and the choreographed fighting. There were also lots of explosions, smoke and even Killian Aldrich (pictured below) on fire fighting Iron Man. 

Marvel Universe Live
Marvel Universe Live in Ottawa

And The Villains

Of course, this all led to the big show down with all the villains and all the Avengers battling out in Loki’s base. My boys kept asking when will the Hulk show up through out the show and I kept telling them to wait because I had a feeling they would save the best for last …and I was right. When Hulk showed up, everyone in the audience cheered as he smashed his way into the show.

Marvel Universe Live in Ottawa ~ A Review
Marvel Universe Live in Ottawa

Did We Like Marvel Universe Live?

I have to say I really enjoyed the show and I know my boys did as well.It was fun and exciting to experience the action live. If you or your kids love super heroes, I recommend checking out Marvel Universe Live!

Marvel Universe Live in Ottawa ~ A Review
Marvel Universe Live in Ottawa

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  1. Oooo I wish we had a Marvels Universe playing here! No luck, closest one would be in Toronto. Im glad to hear it was such a blast!


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