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Make It a Maker Spring with DK Canada Booka

Spring is a great time to become a maker. We are all creative in our own way, and once we find our niche, creating things is fun to do and we want to continue to make new things. DK Canada know all about the fun that being a maker can bring to people. Their ‘maker’ selection of books helps people who have an interest in a certain topic to explore how to create items to improve their home and lives. My family was asked if we would like to have three books to start our maker spring adventures. We love being creative in our home, so we were excited to see how these books could help us become better ‘makers!’

The three titles we received to begin our maker spring were:

Make It a Maker Spring with DK Canada
The Sewing Book, Jane Bull’s Get Set, Sew book, Unlock Your Imagination book.

The ABCs of sewing

One of the goals I set out for myself every year is to try something new. This year I am going to tackle using a sewing machine. I was horrible at using these machines while in school and I have stayed away from them ever since. I want to tackle this fear by learning how to use a sewing machine again. The Sewing Book provides 250 techniques to show sewers how to create projects around your home. 

Make It a Maker Spring with DK Canada
The Sewing Book cover.

I was so excited to receive this book! One of the first places I flipped to was the “Machine stitches and seams” section. It is great to see all of the types of stitches I could create with my machine. The instructions are easy to follow and the images help learners to start sewing.

Make It a Maker Spring with DK Canada
“Machine stitches and seams” section from The Sewing Book.

Maker project fun

Now that I have the basic down, I want to have more ideas to create fun items for my family around our home. Jane’s Bull’s Get Set, Sew shares with beginner stitchers how to put together 20 original projects to create, from fashionable items to toys.

Make It a Maker Spring with DK Canada
Jane Bull’s Get Set, Sew cover.

I love carrying cute bags when I am running errands or going out to have fun. The “handy bags” section of this book details how sewers can create a bag with their own personal style.

Make It a Maker Spring with DK Canada
“Handy bags” section from Jane Bull’s Get Set, Sew book.

Maker fun for kids

Kids want to have fun, too! Devices may help kids stayed entertained, but time away from a screen is needed as well. 250 activities are waiting for kids within the pages of Unlock Your Imagination! From games and memory training activities to crafts and projects, this book has something for children to do and have fun.

Make It a Maker Spring with DK Canada
Unlock your Imagination cover.

All of the blustery winter storms have left a lot of sticks scattered across our backyard and neighbourhood. Instead of collecting them for our compost, this book shares nine ideas kids can use to have fun with them! My kids would love to make fishing rods out of them to try and catch all sorts of ‘fish’ in our backyard this season. Making a stick person would make for some creative fun for my littles as well.

Make It a Maker Spring with DK Canada
“Things to do with a stick” section from Unlock Your Imagination.

Spring Maker fun for the whole family

My family was really happy to have books to make spring DIY fun our way with DK Canada. I am going to challenge myself by learning how to use a sewing machine with The Sewing Book. I will take these skills to start to make fun DIY projects with Jane Bull’s Get Set, Sew. My kids will have no shortage of fun this spring with Unlock Your Imagination. Making spring fun in our own way with help from these books will help us enjoy the change in seasons and create memories we will not forget.

Make It a Maker Spring with DK Canada
Make It a Maker Spring with DK Canada

Would you like more book ideas to make a DIY spring for your family? You can discover more titles, like my family did, on DK Canada’s website! We also connected with them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received books from DK Canada to write this review. The views I share are my own.

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  1. The book I’d really like to win is The Sewing Book. I’d make a great gift for a young person interested in taking up sewing.

  2. I would love all 3 books to get myself and my family making some fun! My youngest would love the Unlock Your Imagination book, my oldest would be super excited to have Jane Bull’s Get Set, Sew book and I would love The Sewing Book! My oldest took home ec earlier this year at school and LOVED the sewing module. She has begged me to bring out my old sewing machine so that she can keep sewing at home. She did really well with the class projects and wants to do more. It’d be a fun thing to do together – these books would help us learn/re-learn together and make some fun things!

  3. I really love the Unlock your Imagination book, I think that’d be good for keeping busy when there’s not much going on!

  4. I would like to get the Jane Bull’s Get Set, Sew book so my granddaughter and myself could make some of the projects.

  5. I would love to have had the book Style Your Perfect Wedding to help me learn some new skills when my children got married.

  6. The Book Grow Something Different To Eat would teach me a new skill about growing food I may not have thought about before.


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