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Bumbini Cloth Diapers Review

So, if you have been reading along, you will know that we have had a hard time finding good diapers for my son Marshall. He has to be the biggest peer of life! We have tried every diaper, doubling diapers, diaper liners, waterproof pants, everything but cloth diapering. So, naturally, when I got the chance I jumped on reviewing Bumbini Cloth Diapers out! Hey, what do I have to lose?

Bumbini Bottoms Cloth Diapers Pin

I always assumed cloth diapers would be a hassle, with all of the extra laundry I’d have to do and the fact that they are cloth. If a disposable diaper doesn’t hold, how will a cloth one do?

Once I got the diapers in the mail from Bumbini, we instantly tried them. I received two diaper shells, some large inserts, a bag for holding the soiled inserts, and some laundry detergent.  The diapers were so easy to put together!  Basically there was a shell with all sorts of snaps to adjust the size you need, and an extremely soft insert that literally snapped into the diaper. It was so easy to do and Marshall seemed to love it. He wore that for the whole day and I changed him a few times and it held up.

Bumbini Bottoms Cloth Diapers Pin

Marshall even slept the whole night without having an accident. It wasn’t until the next day our problems started. We had gotten up for breakfast and went to the playroom to hang out, play with some toys, and watch some TV when I nodded off on the couch. When I woke up, to my surprise, my couch was soaked with pee. I guess he peed so much that I actually had to take the covers off the couch and clean them! Ok, well, onto diaper number two to see if this works again.  It was so strange.  Marshall and I went upstairs and ate lunch.  Marshall was fine, he was changed a few times.  At around 5pm I changed him one last time, put him in his chair, and he coloured, then we ate dinner. This in total took no more than 45 minutes, maybe 50 minutes. When he stood up to get down from his chair, himself and the booster were soaking wet! I really mean soaking wet, like full on puddle. I was actually a little disappointed. I was really hoping that these would be the diapers that would work wonderfully. I think our problem is that Marshall is just too big for diapers!

These Best Bottoms diapers go from 8 to 35 pounds and Marshall is 31 pounds, but I think the fact that he’s on the verge of potty training and holding his bladder a lot longer, he can’t go more than 15-25 minutes without a change. This seems like a big hassle to me considering you know I’m pregnant (surprise!)

I would love to be able to just to snooze on the couch with him playing beside me for more than 15-20 minutes without having to get up and change him. It was a shame, because the diapers are adorable and they’re so easy to clean and so easy to use, but for Marshall I don’t think they’re the right fit. I will definitely be purchasing some more though to try them with the new baby that’s coming this July. I think with a newborn it would be a lot easier keeping up with changing. Yes, they pee more frequently, but they don’t pee as much as my two-year-old! I don’t think anybody can pee as much as my two-year-old…

Back to finding something that will absorb and hold well for longer periods of time (not that I’m not changing my son, but because we don’t drive we have to take the bus and there are times we cannot change Marshall for at least an hour). So, for me the disposable diapers will work best when traveling and on the go, but I do think I will still use the cloth diapers at home. Plus I did notice that when Marshall did pee or after a few pees he really started to notice that his diaper was wet and he would say so. He didn’t quite do that with the disposable diapers until it was literally hanging off of him.

As a visually impaired mom, it’s not the easiest thing just to look at your son running around and be able to visually guess if he needs a change, I physically do have to grab him and check him frequently. With all this extra fatigue mixed, with the fact that I also am suffering from hypermesis gravidarum, and you know we just moved into a brand-new house. I’ve been exhausted and it has been really nice having a finished playroom in the basement where we can go downstairs and just hang out. Marshall can play and  I could take a much-needed nap on the couch (this sounds nice in theory, most of the time its more like Marshall plays and I’m running back and forth to the bathroom).

I do love the fact that when you dirty an insert all you have to do is throw it in the wash and pop in the new one. This is extremely handy especially with a tight budget month-to-month, there has been times where we are like “how are we going to pay for a box of diapers?” (I’m sure we’ve all been there once or twice..)  and with a newborn you go through them twice as much as a toddler. So I love the idea of using Bumbini cloth diaper and just literally re-washing and probably saving thousands of dollars. I will probably still use both. I will try the cloth diapers again and also still have disposables on hand but I really like the idea of the cloth diapers. Even though it hasn’t worked as well as I’d like for Marshall, I think it will be the best bet for the new baby.

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Now originally this was how I was going to end this blog post, but something GREAT happened. I was in contact with the Bumbini company, just to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong with the diapers and they sent me some different options free of charge. Basically they explained to me that it was possible that Marshall needed some extra padding because he is a big peer. Boys need more padding in the front and girls in the back. They sent me some small soaker inserts to add to the diaper. It was worth a shot. I was a bit worried it would make the diaper extremely bulky but it didn’t.

Basically I was to snap the small insert into the front part of the diaper, then place the large insert on-top and snap it into the back snap. This worked amazing for both diaper shells. One is fully snaps, this is my favourite. The other was velcro on the outside, it does the job but just my personal preference I like the snaps a lot better. Marshall just tends to instantly want to undo the velcro.

Bumbini Bottoms Cloth Diapers Pin

This literally solved every single problem! It was like magic. Marshall has been using the Bumbini cloth diapers 80% of the time without any accidents. The only reason he doesn’t use them 100% of the time, is because my child would rather be a nudist… Short of duct taping his diapers on (just so no one freaks out, we have done this but the tape goes strictly onto the diaper..) we’ve run out of options on how to keep clothing or diapers on him. He’ll learn.. eventually… I am still using disposables like I mentioned before for very long travel times, or times where we are in church, or at a friend’s house. Those times where it might be better to be able to dispose of a diaper than to keep it around. 

Bumbini Bottoms Cloth Diapers Pin

I have also found that Marshall’s skin has improved! He doesn’t really have any specific conditions, but I found that depending on the type of diaper we bought, Marshall would break out in a horrible red rash or big patches of dry skin. With the Best Bottoms cloth diapers, not once has he had these rashes. I honestly feel like a bit of a fool for not going cloth in the first place. With a simple investment, we could have saved ourselves thousands of dollars, instead they have just gone down the drain, and unfortunately added to the garbage. 

The Bumbini company has awesome cloth diaper packages and options for every need. Their most expensive package for the Best Bottoms diapers is only 280$ and it gives you 9 diaper shells and 27 inserts. They have cheaper options and customizable individual ones, but I can say in all honesty I will definitely be purchasing more diapers, and adding some more to our registry. Great product and amazing service for sure!

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Until next time. 


Disclaimer: I received the cloth diapers and inserts in order to write this review.  The opinions expressed within this review are my own.

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  1. I have no ever purchased DK books before. Great review on the diapers, I will be purchasing some myself to try out once baby is born in April!

  2. thanks guys, honesty a great option instead of disposables. I am so happy we found something that works well(know that we have figured out how to work them all) I can’t wsit to buy some more for the new baby. great investment!

  3. Yes, I used cloth diapers for 6 of my 7 children, such a huge financial saving too. I do wish that they’d been as easy and attractive as they are today though. 🙂

  4. I have been cloth diapering my son for the past 4-5 months. We use mostly flats during the day and fitteds overnight. We have a few different brands of covers and fitted diapers. For us it works so much better than using disposables!

  5. I am so happy with the cloth! I havnt had to purchase disposables in awhile, on box is lasting us over a month instead of a week or two, we still use disposables because we travel by buss 100% of the time and are always on the go so it it’s slightly easier just to dispose of them on the go.

  6. Before I got pregnant, I wanted to do everything natural. Then I got pregnant with triplets and while I still wanted to (and could have) gone with cloth diapers, my time was limited and I chose to focus on breastfeeding instead.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  7. We are currently signed up with a local cloth diaper service, but we haven’t been able to use them yet as LO arrived really tiny at just under 7lbs. I’m hoping to switch to cloth soon!

  8. We loved cloth diapers! Though it has been years since we needed them, we loved that only natural fibres, free from nasty chemicals were against our kid’s most sensitive bits. For the ultimate over night, bomb-proof for dryness diaper, be sure to use a wool cover.

  9. Only used disposable if we were going on a car trip, used cloth the whole time and then handed mine down to my two sisters (we got that much use out of them) was so happy it was velcro and not pins like my mom had


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