Liquid gold for the working mom’s soul: SLEEP

| February 4, 2013 | 2 Comments

mug: i don't do morningsI’m a business woman.  I have 3 gorgeous kids: Poupoune (6), Cocotte (2) and Peanut, our precious 10 week old girl.  I’ve been in business full time since Cocotte was just a few months old and Dear works shifts.

I don’t sleep.  Ever.  Well, maybe a 5 hour stretch here and there, but really usually no more than 6 hours in any given 24 hour period.

This morning, Dear let me sleep in.  I mean, really sleep in.  He got up with Poupoune, made her breakfast AND lunch, found her clothes, put her on the bus then released Cocotte from the confines of her den bedroom as she woke up during the bus drop.

The only thing I recall is him asking me where the clean clothes was, to which I responded with a few expletives and fell back asleep.  Sure, I had Peanut stuck to the boob all morning, but let’s be honest: When one has nursed 3 babies one can sleep when said baby is nursing.  Aim, Insert, Make sure baby is not being suffocated by mammoth breasts, Sleep.

So I slept.  Better than jewellery.  Better than sex.  And definitely better than chocolate.

I’m now enjoying my first coffee, and this morning’s mug fits the bill, don’t you think?

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  1. Oh heck yeah! There is absolutely no gift I appreciate more then the gift of sleeping in….

  2. K says:

    That sounds awesome!

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