Let’s Bubble™ Across Canada, Conducting Cleaning Acts of Kindness and a Scrubbing Bubbles® Giveaway (value $100) ~ CAN 03/16!

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Scrubbing Bubbles® has always worked hard to clean up household messes – and now the Bubbles are on a mission in 2014 to Bubble Across Canada, conducting cleaning acts of kindness! Scrubbing Bubbles is helping others clean-up, one deserving kitchen and bathroom at a time.

Launching at the unofficial start to spring cleaning in Canada, the Let’s Bubble™ is a nationwide call for Canadians to nominate indoor places in their community most deserving of a clean-up, powered by the Scrubbing Bubbles® clean-up team. You can nominate an indoor location like a community centre, an arena,  your local library, an animal shelter, a soup kitchen, a preschool bathroom, a firehouse, and more!


Start Scrubbing Across the Nation·

Scrubbing Bubbles® kicks off Let’s Bubble™ on February 22nd, 2014, with a Facebook contest on the Scrubbing Bubbles Canada Facebook page, inviting Canadians to nominate an indoor location in their community most deserving of some sprucing up.

·         From February 22, 2014 to April 28, 2014, Canadians can submit nominations at www.facebook.com/ScrubbingBubblesCanada

o   Forty five (45) Third/Daily Prizes will be randomly awarded, each consisting of a grocery store gift card, Scrubby Brush and a Windex cleaning cloth (each Daily Prize is valued at $20)

o   Nine (9) Secondary/Weekly Prizes will be randomly awarded, each consisting of a gift basket containing Scrubbing Bubbles® and other S.C. Johnson cleaning products (each Weekly Prize is valued at $45)

o   Ten (10) finalist locations will be chosen by a panel of judges and will each receive a $45 gift basket that includes Scrubbing Bubbles® and other S.C. Johnson cleaning products


o   Three (3) Grand Prize winners will be chosen from the finalists after an online voting period from May 11 to June 6 to win a Scrubbing Bubbles® clean-up, $500 in cleaning services in the form of a gift certificate (or a $500 donation to the organization nominated by the entrant, if the entrant entered on behalf of an organization), and a large Scrubbing Bubbles® gift basket

To learn more about Scrubbing Bubbles®, visit the official Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/ScrubbingBubblesCanada or visit their website http://www.scrubbingbubbles.ca/


 Scrubbing Bubbles® Giveaway


Clean-Up Kit (Small)


Enter to Win a Clean-Up Kit full of Scrubbing Bubbles® Products (valued at $100)

to help make cleaning your community a reality!

The clean-up kit includes:

·         Scrubbing Bubbles® Thick Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

·         Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Extend-A-Clean

·         Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Cleaning Gel

·         Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Fresh Brush® Starter Kit

·         Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Cleaning Gel Fresh Scent Grocery Pack

·         Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner

·         Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner Scrubbing Bubbles® Mega Shower Foamer®

·         Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner Foamer with Colour Power

·         Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner Mildew Stain Remover with Bleach Disinfectant

·         Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner Soap Scum Remover Citrus Scent

·         Scrubbing Bubbles® Scrubbies

·         Microfiber cloths

·         Rubber Gloves

·         Plastic bucket

Rules: Open to Canadian residents 18 +. You have 48  hours to reply by email once you are notified as the winner. If you don’t, we will draw another entry. Prize is non-transferable. No substitution or cash equivalent of prizes is permitted. The selected winner must correctly answer a mathematical question in order to win the prize mentioned above. The Ottawa Mommy Club is not responsible for prize fulfillment and for the delivery/shipment of the prize(s) mentioned above. For our complete set of rules, please click here.



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  1. Monique L.S. says:

    I would say our local recreation centre could use a good scrubbing, especially all the equipment used for the children’s playgroup.

  2. Gillian Morgan says:

    I do not think there will be anything going on in Newfoundland to do with this.

  3. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    If I had to pick one I would probably pick our local Humane Society I am sure they could always use it!

  4. Heidi C. says:

    Our local SPCA is desperately in need of a good cleaning. It would be amazing to do that for them!

  5. kathryn says:

    Etobicoke. Humane society could likely use it

  6. michelle says:

    my sons class room – so many kids so many colds and hands going in the mouth

  7. Marina Mikhaylova says:

    Local community centre in Toronto

  8. Lynda Cook says:

    I would like to say SOS Towing and Auto Repairs, I know it’s a garage but the waiting room and bathrooms sure need a scrubbing

  9. Andrea B. says:

    I would have to say my kids’ school. There has been a lot of illness there this year and I wonder how clean it really is with what they are using.

  10. Carol M (Lushka S) says:

    A local community club

  11. Jana L. says:

    Definitely the local SPCA

  12. Darwin says:

    The gym at our local YMCA could definitely use a clean!

  13. lisa bolduc says:

    my house. lol. our local community center could use a good scrub

  14. l p says:

    the long-term care facility next door. thanks

  15. charityk says:

    my washroom needs some tlc

  16. cheryl says:

    I cant think of anything off the top of my head that needs some tlc

  17. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    There is a really nice lady in our town who has a husband who is very sick and confined to his bed. She is not well herself. I think her home would be my choice.

  18. martina says:

    my local ymca could use a scrub!

  19. kristen visser says:

    the KW SPCA for sure!!! all those animals coming in and out some who are sick, definitely could use a great scrub !

  20. angela m says:

    Local women’s shelter

  21. natasha severson says:

    the school in my little town!

  22. Karine says:

    The bathroom and the garage :)!!

  23. kathy downey says:

    our church could use a good spring cleaning

  24. Sunshine says:

    Our local rec centre could use a good scrubbing!

  25. pam says:

    I am thinking perhaps one of our local community centres.

  26. Victoria Ess says:

    I’d say our local community centre.

  27. Crystal Englot says:

    I believe our local food bank could always use a good scrubbing

  28. Kristine Ewald says:

    My house 🙂

  29. sarah sar says:

    I would use this all over my house! bathrooms, kitchen, garage, etc…you name it!

  30. Juliee Fitze says:

    Our local hospital could use some.

  31. Andrea Williams says:

    I would probably say my kid’s school even though they do a good job of cleaning it, I am sure that it could use a good cleaning from the top to the bottom. I know my bathroom would benefit greatly from all these products.

  32. Allison says:

    rec center

  33. Lindsay Cyr says:

    The Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue League would greatly benefit from a Cleaning Act of Kindness!

  34. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I would say our local animal shelter.

  35. loriag says:

    First Baptist church serves it’s community. One way every year it does this is to serve free lunches every Wednesday for 5 or 6 weeks to the local high school students. What a wonderful thing it would be to have it scrubbed and ready this year for these lunches.

  36. Erin W says:

    Our local pool needs a good scrub!

  37. Trisha Y. says:

    I know of a local grocery store public washroom that could definitely use a Cleaning Act of Kindness! 😉

  38. Andrea Amy says:

    My local church would probably appreciate the gesture 🙂

  39. Viv Sluys says:

    I think our local Agricultural Hall could use this for sure! It’s an older building and pretty much the only hall for weddings and such in our little community. Our church meets there on Sundays, there are weddings there most Saturdays in the summer and many throughout the rest of the year. We have exhibits there for our fall fair. The Lions club meets there, cadets too.

  40. l p says:

    our church – lots going all every day, including all day Saturday. thanks

  41. lori b says:

    my place of work bathroom could use it

  42. Kristi Renout says:

    The local spca for sure!

  43. Sarah Stickney says:

    the office where i work

  44. Amy Heffernan says:

    YES!! My basement!!

  45. Belinda McNabb says:

    Sinclair park, the local community center in my area

  46. ivy pluchinsky says:

    my nieces school

  47. Jonnie says:

    Our neighbourhood outdoor skating rink could use some polishing up

  48. Angela Mitchell says:

    My local Community Resource Centre and the adjoining teen centre.

  49. Karla Sceviour says:

    Yes,my sons high school could use some indoor cleaning!!!

  50. Veronica S. says:

    The local daycare is nice & clean. It could always use some help with so many kids sharing colds though.

  51. nicolthepickle says:

    The local Civic Centre could use it.

  52. Lori Jackson says:

    I live in Kitchener and our local Bingemans could really use it with all the kiddies running around

  53. Kristine Ewald says:

    Local hospital code use sine of theses products

  54. Josh Siemens says:

    our local library.

  55. Besides my bathroom? I am going to say The Stanley Milner Library.

  56. sara rai says:

    my bathroom

  57. Beth Gallinger says:

    The SPCA could use it.

  58. Fan R says:

    May be the Subway trains at the end of the day.

  59. Suzi says:

    The library at the local high school for sure

  60. Anna W says:

    My children’s school needs a good scrubbing!

  61. tanyab79 says:

    My entire house

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