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Safe Play Area with the Artbee Foldable Playmat Review

The Artbee Foldable Playmat was developed by a mother who wanted to provide the safest & fun space for kids & toddlers. It is now available in Hong Kong, Canada, and Germany. This playmat can be easily be transformed into different play structures such as a sofa, tunnel or the play partition. This makes for countless playtime ideas for your little one to enjoy.

Artbee Foldable Playmat Review

The inner cushion is made of 6 layers of non-toxic, colour-free PE foam. Each layer is attached using heat – no chemical glues are used. 1.6″ thickness provides softness and comfort. These features make this playmat perfect for reducing noise, and is ideal to use as a guest bed.

Safe Play Area with the Artbee Foldable PlaymatPin
Artbee Foldable Playmat

Artbee products are certified by KC(Korea Certification), FITI Testing & research Institute, KATRI, and SGS.  This playmat is also annually tested to provide safe products to their customers.

Here are some other great facts:

  • Each mat is 100% Handmade
  • Multi Purpose Foldable Play Mat
  • Easy to Fold & Unfold; Lightweight
  • No harmful heavy metal substances
  • Phthalates free
  • Non-Toxic and are made of high quality PU & PE
  • Easy to Clean & Convenient to Sanitize
  • Size: 135x240x4(cm)
  • Made in Korea 
Safe Play Area with the Artbee Foldable PlaymatPin
Artbee Foldable Playmat

For more details about the Artbee Playmate, you can connect with them on their website, on their Facebook or Instagram pages!  

Safe Play Area with the Artbee Foldable PlaymatPin
Artbee Foldable Playmat
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  1. Oh! I like this site! As an E.C.E. a good site like this always comes in handy!
    I like the Star Large one the best, cream runs a close second! The magnetic boards are cool as well!


  2. I love the looks of the pastel CreamBee large mat! So cute! My daughter would use this to exercise on. So would I!

  3. I kinda wanted to explain about the no FB likes – I’ve gotten dinged by FB twice in 8 month for too many likes. The last time they kept me from liking even pictures of my friends for 3 months!! I ruthlessly went through my like list and now don’t like for contests anymore…

    I am sorry though.

  4. I personally like the cream-blue playmat and the limeorange playmat the best. I love that they are foldable and easy to store, or shape.

  5. I like the large mat with stars. It looks like a sturdy product and will service a child for awhile. It is so handy for hiding and imaginary play.

  6. I like the large mat as my two nephews are busy and close in age. Both under two years of age.
    It would be big enough for them to share. I think that the Red,Yellow,Green & blue are nice bright primary colours to stimulate the kids!

  7. My favourite is actually the limeorange. There is blue, yellow and orange on it which happen to be the favourite colours of my 3 youngest sons 🙂

  8. I really like the The Artbee Folder Playmat, that can be transformed into different play structures such as sofa, tunnel or the play partition. It looks like a lot of fun.

  9. I really like the colours in the lime orange mat featured in your post. For my child care center, the neutral color of the large star mat would suit the decor.

  10. I like the colours of the LimeOrange mat that you have in your blog post. Her room will be painted soon, in grey with orange accents, and it would match perfectly!


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