Learning Becomes Hands-On with DK Canada Books ~ Reviews

Learning Becomes Hands-On with DK Canada Books

Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart, we all have something that peaks our interests and makes us want to have fun. Whether it is an indoor hobby or one that takes us around the world, it is great to be able to let your hair down and to get your hands doing what we love to do. DK Canada books has various books that would help anyone become more hands-on with their interests and hobbies! I was asked to review three books that fit and expand what we enjoy.

Here are the three books I chose to review:


Ottawa Mommy Club DK Canada March 2016 Feature Photo


Complete Children’s Cookbook

My kids love being our sous chefs when we are cooking or baking in the kitchen. I chose the Complete Children’s Cookbook because it will allow for them to help out us to create some yummy dishes that at their skill and safety levels.


Ottawa Mommy Club DK Canada March 2016 Cook Photo


It was great to have a large selection of recipes for every part of the day, so they could help us out, no matter which meal it is! I am also happy that there are lessons in healthy eating, cooking tips and equipment cooks and bakers use to get the job done right. The step-by-step directions are also easy to follow, so my kids can try their hand at making some of these fabulous dishes!


Ottawa Mommy Club DK Canada March 2016 Cook Collage Photo


My Little Pony: Ultimate Factivity Collection (no longer available)

Do you have a My Little Pony fan at home? I have two of them! To build on their love and knowledge of this equine world with My Little Pony: Ultimate Factivity Collection.


Ottawa Mommy Club DK Canada March 2016 MLP Collage Photo


Each chapter is filled with fun activities and information about the Mane Six, the world of Equestria and so much more! You can even draw ponies and other aspects of this fascinating world to add to the amusement of this book! My kids love picking this book up, and finding out more about this world. Oh, did I mention there were also stickers to add to the pages? This book was a homerun with my kids!


Digital Photography Through the Year

I am a pack rat when it comes to keeping memories digitally. My computer and smartphone is always filled with photos and video of my family and the adventures we have. Since getting a DSLR camera, I have wanted to improve my skills behind the camera, so I am soaking up every tip I can. That is why I chose to review Digital Photography Through the Year.


Ottawa Mommy Club DK Canada March 2016 Digital Photography Cover Photo


It gives readers so many tips and tricks for making specific shots picture perfect. I like how there are easily explained instructions on how to achieve certain shots, and great ideas on how to frame a photo to really make it tell a story without any words. This book is going to make the memories I capture even more memorable.


Ottawa Mommy Club DK Canada March 2016 Digital Photography Ice Full Photo


All of these books really allowed for my kids and I to become more hands-on in the interests we enjoy exploring. We have learned how to be more creative, and we are having fun while doing it! The instructions in all of these books are easy to follow, and it is great that they are all books we can go back to for reference and continue to find inspiration to do or make what we love better!

For more details about DK Canada, you can connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

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Disclaimer: I received the aforementioned titles from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views expressed are my own.




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  1. I always loved reading The Gruffalo to my grandchildren when they were small, the fact that there was so much repetition appealed to them a lot.

  2. when mine were young it was Dr.Suess or Robert Munsch books. My step grandkids also love them now I gave many to my step daughter for the little ones!

  3. My girls love just about any book I read to them, but my favourite one, that I could read over and over, has to be On The Night You Were Born.

  4. My daughter loves any book that includes princesses, pink, Dora the Explorer, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. She would love the hands on kids cookbook.

  5. I think the photography one would interest me the most (And is the kids cookbook one they cook the stuff or you cook the stuff lol)


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