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Learn Something New with DK Canada Books

One of the best aspect about books is that they are a fabulous resource of information. They allow readers to learn about their interests and then build off them to pursue their passions. DK Canada has books that touch on numerous topics that pique our interests and help us learn new things. They asked my family about some of our interests and passions, and sent us three books they thought we would enjoy learning about. The three titles DK Canada sent us were:


Learn Something New with DK Canada
Photo Credit: https://www.dk.com/ca; book covers.


How Business Works

Thinking about becoming your own boss? DK Canada’s How Business Works  gives readers a glimpse into the rollercoaster ride of the business world and makes terms and the structure of business clearer. Diagrams, infographics, short step-by-step information makes learning about the business world easier.


Learn Something New with DK Canada
Photo Credit: https://www.dk.com/ca; How Business Works book cover.


My other half and I are thinking about becoming our own bosses, and How Business Works helped us grasp a better idea of what we needed to know before we make this jump into becoming self-employed. One of the sections that really helped me was the “Business Plan” section. Any good business should have a business plan in place before starting any venture. This part of the book helps future business owner know what should be included in their business plan so they and prospective investors can know what to expect from their company. It was really useful and it gave us a lot to think about while we start our own journeys.  


Learn Something New with DK Canada
How Business Works’ “Business Plan” section with items around it.


How Food Works 

Nutrition has really come to the forefront of our world. We are become more mindful about what we are putting into our bodies in order to be healthier. Keeping up with all of the terms can be a bit daunting at times, so I am happy that I read How Food Works . It takes readers through the world of food, from the trends people are following where their diets are concerned, it explains many of the difficult jargon being used, and some of the good and bad things about food.


Learn Something New with DK Canada
Photo Credit: https://www.dk.com/ca; How Food Works book cover.


Over the past few years, I have added yogurt to my list of go-to snacks. I have always been curious about what makes is a good food to eat. The “Yogurt and Live Cultures” section of How Food Works gave me a breakdown of what yogurt and live cultures are and how they work in your body. I learned how yogurt is produced, the benefits of live cultures, and how live cultures survive digestion in your stomach. It gave me a different perspective on this area of the world of food.


Learn Something New with DK Canada
How Food Works’ Yogurt and Live Cultures” section with food around it.


Cooking Step by Step 

Staying on the topic of food, our family loves creating with it! My kids are budding little chefs and always love helping in the kitchen. They want to take a more hand-on approach to creating dishes for our family to enjoy, so I was really excited to crack open Cooking Step by Step. This book shares recipe ideas that allows for little chefs to create dishes that are a delight to the eyes as well as the stomach. 50 delicious recipes are available for young chefs to try and make from appetizers, main dishes, to snacks, smoothies, and desserts.


Learn Something New with DK Canada
Photo Credit: https://www.dk.com/ca; Cooking Step by Step book cover.


My kids were really excited to have this cookbook in our home library. There is a great mix of healthy and fun dishes for little chefs to try their hand at in the kitchen. My little ones are chocoholics, so it was only fitting that the Chocolate Mug Brownies recipe was the one they wanted to try making first. We loved so many different aspects of this recipe and this book. Each recipe only has a few steps to follow so kids do not become overwhelmed with tasks to do. It was great to see that there was not a laundry list of ingredients needed to put these dishes together. The photos also helps kids see what needs to be done in order to whip up these foods. The next time my kids are on a break from school, there will be no shortage of what dishes they can create!


Learn Something New with DK Canada
Cooking Step by Step’s “Chocolate Mug Brownies” section with cooking items around it.


All three books from DK Canada are great ways to learn something new and to delve into a new venture or passion. Each title provides the bare bones of knowledge for readers to then take and grow their passion. The information and instructions given in each book made understanding the particular topic easier. The illustrations and images brought what was begin explained to life and simpler to grasp. My family was really happy to have all three books from DK Canada and will continue to help us to achieve our goals.


Learn Something New with DK Canada
Learn Something New with DK Canada


Want to find more ways to learn something new?  See what DK Canada has to offer on their website, and connect with them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received products from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views I share are my own.





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  1. my teen daughter is interestedin learninglanguages and one she would like is…Eyewitness Travel Guides: Japanese Phrase Book

  2. Of these titles, I’m most interested in learning some cooking tips for kids, with my kids, in Cooking Step by Step – they love to help, and it would be great to get them helping with some simple recipes in the kitchen!

  3. We would like to read Artists book, a visual celebration of more than 80 great artists, from the Early Renaissance to the present day.

  4. I would definitely learn from the Cooking Step by Step cookbook. I am not the greatest cook and always lack for inspiration. This would help me build on my skills and enable me to pass on good cooking habits to my kids.

  5. Having a career in business for 30 years, I am always ready to learn something new, so I’d like to learn something from the Business book.

  6. I am always interested in how things work (I should have been an engineer!) so I’d love to learn something from How Food Works.

  7. I do follow/like you on Facebook. I don’t think my entry submitted properly, but I didn’t realize until I did the one for DK and saw the ‘like’ button looked different.

  8. My step-daughter wants to start a business of her own, so I’d love to have a copy of How Business Works to help her learn to get it done!

  9. I am a closet science geek, so I’d love a copy of How Food Works to better understand how the chemistry of food works.

  10. I’d like to learn something new from Cooking Step by Step. I THINK I know how to cook, but I am sure I am doing something incorrectly!

  11. One of my step-grandsons is starting French immersion, so I’d love to read My First French Book at Home with his little brother so he can keep up with him.


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