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Learn and Savour with DK Canada Books! 

Two of my favourite passions are learning and food. Both of these passions help to make us better. Learning feeds our minds and food nourishes our bodies. Putting the two of them together helps to soothe my spirit. DK Canada loves sharing both of these aspects by having a variety of books on numerous topics to help readers cultivate the things they love. They asked me to pick three books that would help me learn and savour food.

Below are the three titles I received:


Learn and Savour with DK Canada Books!
Photo Credit: https://www.dk.com/ca; DK Canada World History, The Science of Cooking and Hors d’Oeurves book covers.


World History

Learning about events that have happened in our world is a passion of mine. I also make sure to educate my kids on these details because I feel it is important information they need to learn. This is why I was excited to read World History. It takes readers on a trip throughout our world’s history, from prehistoric age to the digital age. It also features some of our world’s important figures, ideas, inventions and maps for a more in-depth look at our history.


Learn and Savour with DK Canada Books!
Photo Credit: https://www.dk.com/ca; World History Box Set 3D


The “Pre-historic world” section of this book was such a fascinating read. We learned a lot about what different civilizations were like, and seeing what archeologists found centuries later. The breathtaking photo of The Forbidden City in China and the print of “The Bastille Prison” brought these two places with such a rich history closer to home. Though a bit shorter than the rest of the sections of the book for me, it was good to show my kids all of the rapid changes in our world that happened after World War II they ask us about in the “Decolonization” section.


Learn and Savour with DK Canada Books!
World History “The Forbidden City” page.


Learn and Savour with DK Canada Books!
World History “Decolonization” page.


The Science of Cooking

As much as I love learning, I also enjoy food. It is always interesting to find out the answers to questions my kids and I have about the food we eat and enjoy. The Science of Cooking was great to have on hand to learn even more about the food we cook with and consume.


Learn and Savour with DK Canada Books!
Photo Credit: https://www.dk.com/ca; The Science of Cooking 3D


It was fascinating to learn exactly how we taste food. The infographic used demonstrates how this is done from when we take in the scent of food to the receptors telling our brain what we are experiencing. I loved find out which foods are paired best with beef and seeing why this happens. Another fabulous section of this book was learning about the best type of fat for different types of baking. The pro-con list as to why each fat is great to use and in which instance it is best to use it.


Learn and Savour with DK Canada Books!
Science of Food “How do we taste” section.


Learn and Savour with DK Canada Books!
Science of Food “Which is the best type of fat for baking?” section.


Hors d’Oeuvres

Remember when I said I love food. It is a way to connect with family and friends. My other half and I enjoy entertaining, and a yummy treat always makes visitors feel at home after coming through the door.  Hors d’Oeuvres is a great book to have to create new and delicious bite-sized food throughout the year.


Learn and Savour with DK Canada Books!
Photo Credit: https://www.dk.com/ca; Hors d’Oeuvres 3D


I felt that the “Planning your party” section was a great read to help readers organize their time and put together an event. The step-by-step sections helped to inspire new ideas I would want to serve. There was also a few sections that features how to serve an hors d’oeurves six different ways. The six different ways with spoons had a lot of colourful and fresh dishes I would love for my guests to eat and enjoy.


Learn and Savour with DK Canada Books!
Hors d’Oeurves “6 ways with spoons” section.


Learn and Savour with DK Canada Books!
Hors d’Oeurves “Step-by-step Croustades” section.


My family benefited a lot from the books we received from DK Canada. They got to see how much our world has changed over its history, learned about the secrets behind the science of cooking, and have been inspired to create new dishes for our family and friends to enjoy. The images in all of these books helped to convey the message the particular section was trying to send to readers, and made learning fun.  All three books are welcome members in our home library and will be read over and over again!


Learn and Savour with DK Canada Books!
Learn and Savour with DK Canada!


Want more titles to help you learn and savour life?  Find them with DK Canada on their website, and connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received products from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views I share are my own.






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  1. I would most enjoy The Science of Cooking, my husband would most enjoy World History and my stepdad would most enjoy Hors d’Oeurves which I would gift to him.

  2. World History for me and no doubt the Science of Cooking would be enjoyed by my son and a daughter would love the Hors d’Oeurves. 🙂


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