Learn, Eat, and Enjoy Spring with DK Canada Books #Reviews

Learn, Eat, and Enjoy Spring with DK Canada

There is so much to discover now that spring has arrived. Books are a great way to discover information from the far reaches of our Earth to the comforts of home. DK Canada wants families to learn, eat, and enjoy spring by finding books from its selection of fun titles. My family was asked if we could choose three books to that would help us love spring this year, and we could not wait to see what we would discover!

Below are the three books we received to read this spring:

Learn, Eat, and Enjoy Spring with DK Canada
DK Canada book covers.

Enjoying the world from home

From forests, to deserts, to the frozen tips of our planet, Natural Wonders of the Worldtakes readers on a journey to see the treasures this world has to offer. 3D terrain models and other artwork explains to readers how they came to be. 

Natural Wonders of the World book cover.
Natural Wonders of the World book cover.

One of my favourite sections of this book is the Australia and New Zealand chapter of this book. It was fascinating to learn about the Tasman Glacier section of this book. I didn’t know that the top part of this glacier is an 11 km ski run while the foot of this glacier is a large meltwater lake. Discovering the parts of this glacier and how it shapes the land it neighbours was an eye-opening lesson for my family to learn. There are so many details about this world my family learned from Natural Wonders of the Worldwe enjoyed and will continue to fascinate us. It is simply stunning to read.

Learn, Eat, and Enjoy Spring with DK Canada
The Tasman Glacier section of Natural Wonders fo the World.

Eating for wellness

I am making a lot of changes when it comes to how I eat this spring. Eat Feel Fresh  is a guide, as well as a recipe book, that shares the Ayurveda lifestyle. This way of being recognizes that your needs for food can change from time to time for each person. This book shares how to eat based on your body’s specific needs.

Learn, Eat, and Enjoy Spring with DK Canada
East Feel Fresh book cover.

I have always wanted to try a food bowl, and this this book has a ”Building a Six-Taste Food Bowl” section that was insightful and easy to learn from. It shares the six tastes needed to complete a bowl (salty, sweet, bitter, sour, pungent, and astringent) in order to be nourished on a cellular level.

Learn, Eat, and Enjoy Spring with DK Canada
Building a Six-Taste Bowl from Eat Feel Fresh book.

I love that you do not need to make the bowl with the same number of taste ingredients in order to be fuelled properly. You are able to make your bowl with more of the flavours to feed your Dosha (one of three substances that are present in a person’s body according to Ayurveda). One day, you can enjoy more sweeter flavours. Other days, you can try more bitter ones. I think this makes sense since your body needs different things to stay in balance.

Learning about the importance of water

I couldn’t leave my kids out of the learning this spring! My littles love discovering about life on this planet, especially when it comes to the ocean. The Sea Book helps young readers to see why this large part of our world is so important with its beautiful illustrations and information. This title looks at marine life from pole to pole, teaching ecological issues and the damaging effects humans are causing it.

Learn, Eat, and Enjoy Spring with DK Canada
The Sea Book book cover.

Though there are other pages that offer a lot of information about the water around our planet, I felt these pages were the most important for my kids to understand. Froom these pages, they learned how the sea helps life on our blue and green world. This section breaks down how water effects life on land, the air we breathe, the Earth’s weather patterns, and so much more. I felt that these pages really hit home to my littles about why clear water is important to the health of our planet. They are now starting to make some better choices when disposing of items and wasting water.

Learn, Eat, and Enjoy Spring with DK Canada
Why is the Sea Important section of The Sea Book.

So many ways to learn, eat, and enjoy spring!

Form the natural wonders, to balancing our lives, to exploring the waters of our planet, we learned so much from these books from DK Canada. I think it is important for our family to find out about our world so we can be aware of the world beyond our front door and embrace it. Books from DK Canada help readers take the first step in discovering what our world is all about. My family loves reading them! 

Learn, Eat, and Enjoy Spring with DK Canada
Learn, Eat, and Enjoy Spring with DK Canada

Would you like more book ideas to enjoy spring with your family? You can discover more titles, like my family did, on DK Canada’s website! We also connected with them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received books from DK Canada to write this review. The views I share are my own.

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  4. My kids are insanely curious about what they need to see in the world before they die (not as dark as it sounds). The Natural Wonders of the World book would be a great guidebook for them!

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