Learn And Delight In Summer with DK Canada Books #Reviews

Learning can be fun in so many ways during the summer. Finding a great book that contains easy to great information and amazing images is one way to make this happen. DK Canada has a variety of books that makes readers delight in many different topics for readers of all ages. They asked our family if we would like to have three books that we could learn from and delight in this summer. We could not wait to see the titles we would get to learn from and love!

Below are the three books my family received to enjoy:


Learn and Delight in Summer with DK Canada
L-R: Essential Oils book; Thomas & Friends Character Encyclopedia book; Prehistoric Life book.


Learn and Delight in Summer with DK Canada Books


A trip back in time

My family are in love with dinosaurs. We enjoy drawing them, learning about them, and our kids have stuffed ones they snuggle with at night. We were delighted to have been sent Prehistoric Life  so we can learn more about these extinct animals.


Learn and Delight in Summer with DK Canada
Cover of Prehistoric Life book.


From the Archean to the Quaternary periods, Prehistoric Life shares details about the animals and plants that once lived on our planet. Readers will also delight in the artwork and images that show the skeletons and fossils that have been left behind by these creatures.

The kids love the Cretaceous period. So many of their favourite dinosaurs are found in this period. We loved how specific points on many of the dinos are highlighted for readers to learn about. The photos and images also help readers to imagine size of these animals compared to ourselves and what they may have looked like. Seeing the prehistoric plant life and other creatures that lived at these times makes reading this summer an journey every time we open this book.


Learn and Delight in Summer with DK Canada
“Crustacean dinosaurs”section of Prehistoric Life book.


Healing powers at hand

In our home, we are trying to turn away from synthetic chemicals in certain products that we use for our health and well-being. We want to learn how to start to make some self-care items in our own so we can have them around whenever we wanted and we would know what is in them.

Essential Oils helps readers to make many self-care products on their own. Some of the alternatives this book shares to treat everyday issues include acne, PMS, insomnia, indigestion, and more. Essential Oils also features 88 essential oils and gives a guide to using, blending and storing these oils at home.


Learn and Delight in Summer with DK Canada
Cover of Essential Oils book.


I did not know about the largenumber of the essential oils there are, their properties, and the many healing properties they carry. Learning about what cedarwood can do for a person’s health and well-being. From hair and skin care to improving your mood and the scent in a room, cedarwood can help readers have an alternative to make and use. The “Healing Remedies” section of this book gives users instructions as to how to create ailments for certain conditions. I wish there were more images at this point of the book to break up this section, but the instructions are easy to follow for first-time makes like myself.


Learn and Delight in Summer with DK Canada
“Cedarwood” section of the Essential Oils book.


Next stop: The Island of Sodor

Trains. My mom is a HUGE fan of these vehicles and has passed this love down to my kids. When my son was introduced to the world of Thomas & Friends, he was all on board for the adventures these locomotives and other vehicles got themselves into.

Thomas & Friends Character Encyclopedia is a great book to have on hand to learn more about the characters that bring this series to life. Trivia about the TV shows and films are on each page of this encyclopedia for readers to learn about. Images of some of the locomotives a number of these friends are based on add to the learning for readers. A mini Thomas figure comes with this book for readers to have along for the reading fun.


Learn and Delight in Summer with DK Canada
Cover of Thomas & Friends Character Encyclopedia book.


My little guy’s eyes lit up when he saw this book. Thomas is a great friend to have with my son while reading about of the characters on Sodor. Finding out about the actual locomotives these characters were based on was fascinating. It was also great to find out about the specific jobs each engine had to play to help make Sodor function.


Learn and Delight in Summer with DK Canada
L:”Thomas” section of theThomas & Friends Character Encyclopedia book. R:Boy reading “Thomas” section of the Thomas & Friends Character Encyclopedia book.


Learning about each of their personalities was also great to know about the newer engines in this series. This book is a really basic encyclopedia that would be great for younger readers, beginners in the world of Sodor, and for parents who want to keep up with their young Thomas fans. My son adores this book and is having a blast being travelling to Sodor when he reads this book this summer.

Page turning summer fun

My family is enjoying all of the books we received to enjoy this summer from DK Canada. We get to travel back in time to learn more about some of our favourite dinosaurs. Finding out about natural alternatives to our well-being and their elements is great to have on hand. Learning more about Thomas and his friends gave us more insight into what makes them special. All three titles make spending time learning this summer a delight for everyone!


Learn and Delight in Summer with DK Canada
Learn and Delight in Summer with DK Canada


Would your family like to delight in learning into your summer? Discover more titles like my family did on DK Canada’s website, and connect with them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received products from DK Canada to write this review. The views I share are my own.





Would you like to find new way to delight in learning this summer? DK Canada would like for one lucky Ottawa Mommy Club follower to bring learning into your summer. They would like to  give away all three titles I reviewed! These titles are:






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  1. Essential oils one would really help, we have many and would love to learn all about the benefits of each. I also would read prehistoric life as it piqued my interest

  2. My son is OBSESSED with Thomas the train and the Character Encyclopedia would be a great gift for my son starting kindergarten!!

  3. My oldest child would love reading the Prehistoric Life book – she would find it fascinating! And my youngest would love the Thomas & Friends Character Encyclopedia!!

  4. The Thomas character encyclopedia would be a hit around here – there are some spirited discussions around which train is which sometimes!

  5. Dk hasso many great books, some I would love to read and add to my library are…Natural Wonders of the World and Canadian Gardener’s Guide

  6. That’s a tough one! My youngest son is a HUGE Thomas fan so I’m tempted to say that one BUT … we just started homeschooling and Prehistoric Life would be great to add to our curriculum!


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