Learn and Create with the Summer Fun Boutique from DK Books Review and Giveway! CAN 08/18

It’s summertime, and there are some days when the weather does not want to cooperate with our outdoor plans, or you just feel like having fun indoors. On days like these, I like to keep my family busy so chaos does not ensue. One way I like to keep my family entertained is with the help of DK Books!


With their Summer Fun Boutique, DK Books has a variety of books that will keep our minds learning while having fun at the same. Within this collection of books, there are books that display factual information in a fun and interactive way that makes learning entertaining. There are other amazing books that let kids create. They can draw, craft and even cook! From the many books I got to choose to review, I picked two books from subjects my kids love the most: Dinosaurs and Cooking.  The first book we reviewed was The Ultimate FACTIVITY Collection: Dinosaurs.


 This book was an instant hit with my kids! From cover to cover there was always something to do or to learn.


Each page was full of colour. There were also so many bits of information that readers picked up, and there were challenges to test the knowledge that was shared on each page. My younger daughter, our in-house paleontologist, learned more about one of her favourite world.

DK Dino Collage

There are also interactive pages where readers can add to some of the pages to make the book even more complete and interactive. As you can see, my girls really enjoyed this book.


 The other book we reviewed was Mommy & Me Start Cooking. This book is suppose to be for younger children who want to start cooking, but I think it is fabulous for older kids, and even adults who may not be the best at cooking and baking just yet.


I loved how they explained what the main focus of each section would be by going through a brief origin of that particular food. It was explained well, and, as usual, the photos and illustrations they used were gorgeous! After flipping through this cook book, my eldest daughter and I decided in creating one entree and one dessert/side dish in order to have a meal. We chose to do two things we have never tried cooking/baking before: Cheesy Bread Rolls and Chicken Risotto.

We started with the Cheesy Bread Rolls, since they would take longer to make than the Chicken Risotto. The preparation page for this recipe was fantastic! Users could see what all of the ingredients looked like, as well as a list of most of the tools needed to make this recipe from around your kitchen.


This recipe was really easy to make. The instructions really took you step-by-step through this recipe, so you would not get lost, and can see what your recipe should look like at every step. Here are some shots of our attempt at Cheesy Dinner Rolls:

DK Buns2 Collage

 And here is the finished product! They looked fantastic, and they are really delicious, too!


I was a bit worried about how the Chicken Risotto was going to turn out, mainly because none of us at my home have ever made this dish before. Another reason why I was a little in on guard about this recipe was because the first and only time I have had Risotto, I was not the biggest fan of it. Let’s just say that it did not leave the best impression with me, and I gave the rest if the people sharing the table with me a great laugh!

Another great feature about this cook book was the waring picture they placed on the instructions that would let kids know that they may need some parental assistance at this point in time.  It was a great idea to let kids and adults know this at these points in the cook book so kids will not get hurt trying to do more than they are ready for in the kitchen.


I must tell you, my opinion has changed since my first encounter with Chicken Risotto. This recipe was also very easy to make! The only issue I had with the instructions was that I wish it would let users know what temperature to cook parts of this dish at. Some people who are beginners in the kitchen may not know how to sauté onions or how high they should set the temperature of the stove to.

Otherwise, this dish was easier to make than I thought! There was one moment when we had a reality TV moment when we misread the instructions, causing our dish to be a different colour. We were not thrown out the kitchen for our mistake, but it felt like we were in trouble for a second!

These are some shots of our Chicken Risotto attempt:

DK Risotto1 Collage

This is how our meal turned out! It reminded us of making a stir fry. The only difference was the addition of the two cheeses. This Risotto dish was scrumptious! We are it all up! My daughter is not a fan of peas, but they did not seem to be an issue when they were in this dish!


Overall, I would highly recommend the books I reviewed from the DK Book’s Summertime Boutique! They were really fun and interactive, there was so much everyone in the family could learn about, and it gave us better bonding times. We cannot wait to try the other books in this series! I hope your family enjoys this series from DK Books as much as my family did.  You can have even more fun by saving on your DK Books this summer by clicking on the picture below!

Happy Reading!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned books for review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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Good luck!


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  1. I haven’t cooked with my little one yet, but she’s always interested with that I’m doing every time I prepare food. I know the day is very close where I will start to include her with simple recipes, etc…(I’ve let her stir with me twice and she absolutely loved it)

  2. My daughter is just old enough to start to want to help in the kitchen. Right now, she just helps me pour stuff in and mix things. I’m looking forward to cooking more with her as she grows older!

  3. Not yet, but I was just wondering the other day when I could start! I love baking so when she can, anything baked–cakes, cookies, etc… will definitely be up there.

  4. My toddler is still a little young to help with the cooking, but my favourite recipe to make with my 11 year old step-daughter is this Roast lamb with bacon stuffing, she loves to help make and stuff the stuffing.

  5. My 3 kids (2,4,6) love cooking with me. My youngest likes making anything, my middle like making cookies and bread the best and my oldest loves anything she can do with the least help. My oldest makes Mac and cheese and cookies pretty much on her own now

  6. Yes, I really love to cook with the kids,Our favourite recipe to make is Black bean cake.They love it with whip cream

  7. I cook with my oldest child, and her favourite recipe is our one for banana bread that was my grandmother’s recipe.

  8. My 7 children are all self supporting now and most of them males and females do most of the cooking in their families – guess I taught them something 🙂

  9. I love cooking with the kids. They love making mac and cheese together probably because they get to sneak some cheese into their mouth.

  10. My 3.5 yr old loves to help me bake. We make muffins, cookies and pancakes. ‘Slow and low’ is the rule, for cracking eggs and stirring batter!

  11. I think it’s necessity to cook with your children so that they are confident and capable enough when they are have to fend for themselves.


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