Keeping Happy in the Winter (with kids): Visits to the Library

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I can tell it is February, without even looking at a calendar. We are antsy. We have cabin feverish and are craving some summer weather.  My kids and I are running on empty. We are bored with our usual activities and need some winter spice to liven our days.

I am constantly looking for local, inexpensive and child friendly activities for my children. We are a spirited family with lots of energy and a keen desire to always be moving.  These deep winter months are the worst for us as the kids are still so small that deep freeze temperatures are not their cup of tea.

This year I have been really taking the time to discover a local gem. A building that contains hours of entertainment for all ages. A space where stories unfold and imaginations flourish. A place that doesn’t cost us a cent to visit…

Our local library.

My children love the library. They love the Librarians, the rows and rows of bookshelves containing for every thought they could imagine, they enjoy the weekly story time, and comfy bean bag chairs. I enjoy perusing my own taste in books while they enjoy their favourites. As a family, it has almost become a tradition to pick out a movie for family movie night. Our library offer free rentals. It is an incredible deal!

Every time I walk into the library with them my heart sings.  As a child, the library was my sanctuary and to watch the same feeling blossom in my kids make me incredibly happy.

These winter months are saved by beautiful place like the library. A change of scenery for all of us and a reminder of how amazing the power of a great story can be.

If you have not recently checked out your local library, I urge you too. You may be surprised at the beauty of the library.


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  1. Brenda A says:

    Since the girls were only a few months old, the library has been a haven of fun and learning. We are so lucky to have an amazing branch very close by with librarians that have almost become friends over the last 9 years. All year round, the library is the best place to be!

  2. Louise says:

    Ah! Yes – sometimes when we are bored I take my two girls to Greenboro and (honestly) just let them wander about.

    They have a great kids section there. Their activities are good too – but I work full-time so we don’t make it out for those. I do remember doing a circle time there once in the summer and all the camp kids showed up. I felt I was at a rave for 2-6 year-olds. It was impressive.

    I’ve also driven out to Centrepointe Library for various things. They use to (don’t know if they still do) have an evening storytime for kids, which I took my eldest too for a while).

  3. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    The library is always a great place and I love doing any activity that encourages kids to read!

  4. Erin Nolan says:

    I plan on bringing my children to the library this march break. We love new books. Books are expensive so going to the library is perfect. I love the way my daughter can pick a book to take out. It is like a new book every time we go. We may go this weekend.

  5. catebrazil says:

    When I was on mat leave with my two kids we went to the library (Greenboro) and participated in the reading group program they had – the library employee would do songs and games with the kids and end off with reading the story – it is offered in both official languages and my toddler really enjoyed it!

  6. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I miss going to the library. Sooo peaceful.

  7. Lynda Cook says:

    I used to love taking my girls to the library when they were young and I was also amazed at how well they behaved while in there, I also signed them up for the weekly arts and crafts that our library held

  8. Victoria Ess says:

    My dad used to always borrow movies for family movie night too and it was one of my favourite places to go as a child. I still love going, and I’m glad my parents fostered that in me.

  9. JanetD. says:

    Enjoyed reading your article ! We love going to our local library –so much to discover !

  10. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I believe that a library is a great place for kids to hang out. There are lots of books to help nurture and promote their interest in reading. I remember as a child that we had a mobile library that came around, that was fun too.

  11. kathy downey says:

    Th grandkids love the library

  12. kathy downey says:

    I love the calmness of the Library,kids love to sit and look thru books

  13. Fan R. says:

    Kids love our local library, is is new, cozy and something interesting always happens there!

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