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Jump Start the New Year with DK Canada!

The New Year is here! Do you have resolutions or goals set to make this year a fabulous year for yourself? I usually have three goals I try to accomplish each year. They are to try something I have never done before, to become more active and to eat healthier. Sometimes, I need to be pointed in the right direction to get going with my goals at the beginning of the year. DK Canada asked me to choose three books to help me to jump start the New Year!

There are the three books I am using to get a jump start on 2017:

Arm Knitting

I love knitted items. They are warm, cozy, and great to have on hand, especially in the winter. Since I like trying my hand at new things as one of my goals each New Year, I thought I would choose Arm Knitting to put together some fun and handy pieces. Arm Knitting teaches readers to create 30 items, from clothing and blankets to bags and rugs with step-by-step instructions to follow. The best part about arm knitting is that no needles are required!

I really loved that there was a section at the beginning of the book for not so handy knitters like myself. It shared each of the techniques you would be using to create all of these pieces. I was also impressed with some of the projects that can be made with arm knitting. I want to get to work on a Boho bag to carry around this spring, a toy hammock for all of the wayward toys around my children’s room and a huge knit blanket to snuggle up under on chilly winter nights.

Walking for Fitness

Another goal of mine for 2017 is to be more active. Now that all of my children are in school, it allows for me to have more time to get moving without being distracted. There are so many walking and bike trails around my home I should be taking advantage of no matter what time of the year it is. I chose Walking For Fitness. This title gets readers up and out power walking around their home to take advantage of the benefits of this simple and popular exercise.

There were so many great tips I picked up from this book! Walking For Fitness taught me how to pick the right shoe for walking, it gave health and food tips to use to improve performance and shared various levels of walking programs to get walking to enhance well-being. I also enjoyed that there are so many instructions to help me learn how to stretch and strengthen my body to help me perform this exercise better.


Cook Healthy & Quick

I am always trying to improve what I putting inside of my body. My other half and I are also trying to find new foods to make for our family. When I found Cook Healthy & Quick, I was really happy because there are times that we are in a rush, and feel as though we do not have the time to prepare a healthy meal.

This book shares 300 recipes to help readers whip up healthy meals and snacks that can be made in about 30 minutes. At the beginning of Cook Healthy & Quick, a section entitled “Recipe Choosers” features many of the dishes in different categories and separates them into prep times between 10 minutes and 35 minutes. This way, a meal can be easily made that is nutritious without having to wait too long to eat it.

These three books from DK Canada are going to help me get a great jump start to this New Year. They are helping me to try something new, continue to be active, and eat healthier. The instructions shared in all of these titles were easy to understand and follow to achieve each goal. I also love the photography used to help illustrate instructions or the finished result of a move, project or dish. My 2017 will be made better with these three books on hand! 

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Disclaimer: I received books from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.






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  1. I would choose to jump start 2017 with the Cook Healthy and Quick. Could use more ideas for healthy meals that are quick and convenient.

  2. I now walk about 22km each day (I got a fit bit zip which counts steps and goes onto your cell as well) I had a health scare in May and I am now addicted to walking…I have even been walking home from work when its -37C out…I find that if I don’t walk home I am too restless and don’t sleep well. I go out constantly in my town to walk (I’m playing pokemon go LOL) I’ve lost a total of about25-27 pounds now and can’t wait til it warms up again.
    BUT I am actually interested in the cook book LOL…because now I need to eat healthier

  3. I got quite excited when I saw DK books as a giveway, they make such beautiful and interesting books. I wish everybody who enters the very best of luck.

  4. I have been hoping to try arm knitting ever since I first heard about it. This book is one I would love to #win I would also #readandreview it on my book review blog.


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