Jump Into The New Year With DK Canada Books #Reviews

Jump into the New Year with DK Canada Books

The New Year. It is about wanting to jump into a new way of being to get a fresh start in our lives. This can be done in so many different ways. Learning how to make certain parts of our lives better is what DK Canada loves to share with their books. They asked my family if some of their titles would help us jump into the New Year in fun and inspiring ways.

Here are the three books we received to jump into the New Year from DK Canada:


Jump into the New Year with DK Canada
DK Canada book covers.


A healthy start to the day

Eating healthier is a goal that many of us promise to ourselves at New Years. One way to get a jump on this resolution is by getting a healthy start to your day. We love drinking smoothies at home to get some nutrients into a fun and easy drink. Healthy, Quick & Easy Smoothies provides readers with 100 recipes to blend and sip on.

Jump into the New Year with DK Canada
Healthy, Quick & Easy Smoothies book cover.

What is great about this book is that each smoothie is under 300 calories, has no more than five ingredients, and. Takes less than ten minutes to whip up and enjoy. Nutritional information for each recipe is also provided so users can make informed decisions about which smoothies to try. Modifications can also be made to replace certain ingredients without changing too many of its nutritional values.

From all of the smoothies available to try in this book, I would love to make the Strawberries and Vanilla with Lavender recipe. It would be great to sip on after my fitness routine. The strawberries would give my body a bit of a recharge. The addition of the lavender would help to ease my mind to transition into another part of my day.

Jump into the New Year with DK Canada
Strawberries and Vanilla with Lavender smoothie recipe pages.

Healthy and quick meals for your family

If your family is like mine, there are many days during the week where a healthy and quick meal is needed to thoroughly satisfy grumbly tummies. Instant Pots have become a widely popular solution for this problem. Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook is a great way to have a variety of recipes at hand to put together healthy dishes in a short amount of time.

Jump into the New Year with DK Canada
Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook book cover.

I was surprised at the different types of dishes that can be made in an Instant Pot. One of the recipes that caught my eye in this book is the Peach French Toast Casserole. It is a sweet elevation on a favourite breakfast dish. Seeing how it turned out in the book surprised me. I also like that this dish can be prepped the night before. This would make a hard to get up and go morning easier and tastier to jump into.

Jump into the New Year with DK Canada
Peach French Toast Casserole recipe pages.

Girl power in all shapes and sizes

Captain Marvel. Jubilee. Gamora. These are some of the Marvel superheroes I grew up with when I was a kid. Now that I am a mom, I am passing my love for these women to my kids. Fearless and Fantastic: Female Super Heroes Save the World features many of the women and girls that make up this comic book universe for kids to jump into and to learn more about them!

Jump into the New Year with DK Canada
Fearless and Fantastic: Female Super Heroes Save the World book cover.

Not only does this title give readers a very brief back story about each of the female characters in the Marvel universe, it also categorizes these characters into different sections based on the traits they use to battle evil. From intelligence and strength to kindness and courage, these ladies help to inspire kids to be their best.

One character my kids enjoyed learning about in this book is Storm. They were surprised to find out about her upbringing, her relationship with Black Panther, and her eventual leadership role with the X-Men. She is also such a powerful character. She is a family favourite!

Jump into the New Year with DK Canada
Storm section pages.

Jump to fun and learning made easy

My family found it easy to jump into fun for the New Year with these three titles from DK Canada. Different ways to sip healthier drinks is at hand with help from Healthy, Quick & Easy Smoothies.We loved the inventive meals we can try making with Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook.Stories of inspiring women who fight to save the world are at their fingertips with Fearless and Fantastic: Female Super Heroes Save the World. Each of these books will make makes us happier from the inside out and help us think of new ways to enjoy the upcoming year.

Jump into the New Year with DK Canada
Jump into the New Year with DK Canada

Would you like more book ideas so your family can hop into the holidays in a fun ways? You can discover more titles, like my family did, on DK Canada’s website! We also connected with them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received products from DK Canada to write this review. The views I share are my own.

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  1. I want to get an Instant Pot so the Healthy Instant pot Cookbook would help me jump into the new year with healthier eating made at home.

  2. The Bee Book would be a great book to have to make my yard more bee friendly. There is a lot of concern right now about bees and their dwindling numbers. It would be my part to help them.

  3. I received an Instant Pot for Christmas so I’d love to receive the Healthy Instant pot Cookbook so that I can start eating healthier in the New Year!

  4. I would choose Fearless and Fantastic: Female Super Heroes Save the World. I’ve been an acquaintance of Marvel since I was a kid in the 60s, fell away for decades, and recently discovered some really well written and interesting storylines. So, full circle, and I’d love to win this prize.

  5. I don’t really like breakfast but I do enjoy a smoothie. The book Healthy Quick & Easy Smoothies would encourage me to try different varieties of smoothies for breakfast.

  6. i wouldn’t mind the get started sewing or get started crochet books because i have been meaning to crochet and learn more sewing techniques.

  7. Getting as much knowledge of a condition you have is helpful in lessening symptoms so I think the book Arthritis Your Questions Answered would be a good one to read.

  8. I would like to grow some of my own vegetables but have a small yard. I would like the book Small Plot, Big Harvest to inspire me to start growing and get the most from my small space.

  9. The Book Paper Craft would be one I would like. I love to learn new crafts and this is one I have not explored a lot. I would love to make my own cards and other things.

  10. I am trying to get a bit more variety in our food. The Pasta Reinvented book would be a good one to get me started on making more interesting food.

  11. I would like to learn more about birds I see. I would like the book Birds of Western Canada 2nd Edition to help me identify them.

  12. The book Pillows, Curtains, and Shades Step by Step would be a fun book to decorate my home for less by doing things myself.

  13. Cook Healthy and Quick would be a good book to help with healthy eating for the year. It is easier to eat better when you have new ideas and this book would help with that.

  14. a great book that would be fun for the older grandsons or my son would be… Star Wars™ Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles

  15. I used to knit and crochet but have not for years. I think the book One Ball of Yarn might be a good book to refresh the skills I once had.

  16. I’d love them all, but the main one I’d love to jump into the new year with is Healthy Instant pot Cookbook – we have just started using an Instant Pot and need to expand our recipe selection!

  17. 101 Essential Tips: Growing Vegetables would be a great book to help me with my goal of growing some of the food we eat this summer.

  18. I like being ahead of things, so the book The Memory Activity Book would be a good one for me as I am getting to that age where memory can be a problem. I like to keep my brain engaged and reading of new ways would be helpful.

  19. The book Weather and the Seasons would be a book I would like to get to entertain my youngest grandson. He loves being outside and discovering nature. I want to build good memories with my grandchildren and this would be a good way.

  20. I think it would be fun to do a totally homemade Christmas for my family. The book Homemade Holiday looks like it has great gift and decorating ideas.

  21. My grandchildren like to cook so the book Science You Can Eat would be a fun one to share with them. It would probably answer questions they ask about why we need to put different things like soda and baking powder in cookies a lot better than the explanations I give them.

  22. Science is Magic would be a fun book to use with my grandchildren. I have done some science experiments with them in the past and they love them.

  23. Big Knits, Big Needles looks like an interesting book. I have not knit for a while but did enjoy it before. Projects with big needles and yarn are usually faster to make too.

  24. Vegan In The House would be a good book for me to have as my hubby likes to eat Vegan and it would give me more menu ideas for him.

  25. I am always wanting to keep up with technology and keep hearing about STEM. I think the book Stem Lab would be a good book to help me learn about it.

  26. I would love a copy of the Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook because we received an Instant Pot for Christmas and are looking for recipes to help us use it. Great to support a product that was invented by an Ottawa resident!


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