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I love it when moms are real and frank with each other about all the ‘real’ stuff that happens during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.  Enough of this ‘waxing over the details’ and failing to mention the 500 stitches that followed that all natural birth.

We teach our kids to tell the truth but more often than not we’re lying to ourselves about this whole mommy gig.  It’s hard.  Some days, unbearable.

You wonder how you can love a person so much while simultaneously plotting how to exit the mayhem for a few hours, or at the very least for a few minutes so you can pee in peace.  What is up with 6 year olds wanting to converse while you’re on the loo?  Did she not get the memo???

When I hear Playtex, I think the bottles with the drop-in bags that are still the best thing since sliced bread (for me, at least) – except now Playtex also stands for Mommyville – a community for Canadian moms and moms-to-be to share, encourage and inspire.

They’re posting awesome Q&A’s on their Facebook page and have rolled out the Mom of the Month program.  Moms are encouraged to share tips, tricks and personal stories by answering a few quick questions.  Each month, they’ll profile a mom and her words of wisdom in hopes of encouraging conversation and learning from each other.


As they say it, “it’s not a contest, it’s bragging rights”.

So go ahead!  Like their Facebook Page, answer the questionnaire and help all moms discover that deep down we’re all going through the same things!

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