Itchy Itchy Scratchy Scratchy… Does your Dog Suffer from Seasonal Allergies? And a Contest from Royal Canin Food ~ CAN 05/20 #itchypetseeyourvet

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Itchy itchy scratchy scratchy… itchy itchy scratchy scratchy… Itchy! Itchy! Itchy!  Does your dog constantly scratch their ears, their bodies, lick themselves or rub their faces on furniture in an attempt to get comfortable? It’s possible that your dog has seasonal allergies. Similar to humans, dogs can be allergic to a variety of environmental factors including pollen, ragweed, mold, and mildew, but unlike human beings who manifest allergy symptoms a variety of ways, dog allergies are expressed through their skin (otherwise known as atopic dermatitis).


Most pet owners don’t even know their dog suffers from seasonal allergies. I have become attuned to seasonal allergies in dogs because my parent’s Shih Tzu, Callie, suffered for years.  Callie was constantly scratching, licking her paws and biting at her skin (to the point that it was bleeding). Upon learning their beloved pet was suffering tremendously from seasonal allergies, their veterinarian had them look at switching their food. Callie now eats Royal Canin. The formulaic Skin Care and Skin Support food by Royal Canin assists in treating non-specific skin disease and environmental allergies in dogs. In particular, the Skin Support formula has improved Callie’s condition by prohibiting bacterial growth and helping her skin heal.  Although she still scratches from time to time, it’s nowhere near as bad as it was and her skin no longer bleeds from intense scratching.


If you suspect your dog may have seasonal allergies, take note of their behaviour: are they prone to ear infections (smelly ears), is their skin consistently itchy, red and swollen, and are they excessively chewing their paws? If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions then you may want to consult your veterinarian on how you can ease your dog’s suffering. A quality dog food, such as Royal Canin that is high in fatty acids and formulated to strengthen their skin can help make a dog’s seasonal allergies more manageable. It may also mean you won’t have to depend on costly medications for your pet, such as steroids.

Dogs can suffer from many kinds of allergies; my own dog, an Australian Shepherd, has food sensitivities that require

My Australian Shepherd, Sammy

My Australian Shepherd, Sammy

a special diet. The only way you can properly asses if your dog has allergies is to consult a veterinarian. So, if you notice your dog excessively scratching, take note, call your vet and consider investing in a quality food, such as Royal Canin, that is specially formulated for dogs with seasonal allergies.

*Please note: I received compensation for writting this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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  1. Carol Denny says:

    Chewing on her paws. My dog does this.

  2. Amy Lovell says:

    Right now my sisters dog has kennel cough which I guess is a form of bronchitis for dogs. The crazy things dogs get. Who Knew?

  3. Debbie White Beattie says:

    My dog has severe allergies and I have him on a special diet, plus he ends up on medication. I use to give him allergy shots as well but they stopped working and of coarse he even sees a special dog dermatologist but inevitably he ends up scratching and licking. I wish I could help him more!

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