International Women’s Day Celebration and Fundraiser in Ottawa

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As another International Women’s Day passes, I am feeling very blessed to know so many talented and beautiful women who inspire others to live with courage and truth. I was honoured to share my journey with almost 200 of them, and a tiny cast of supporting men, at a networking luncheon for Ottawa Soul Sista’s Networking Group on March 8, 2014. We gathered in support of Amethyst Women’s Addictions Centre in Ottawa with many entrepreneurs donating products and services. All of them with the same goal, to improve quality of life and enjoyment for everyone. Authenticity at it’s best.

The beauty of the day was enhanced by the presence of the two young women who inspire me most. My daughters, Sydney & Grace. Guiding them to love and empower themselves and to inspire their own peers to feel their value and give back to the community.

I shared a bit of the darkness along my path. Darkness that has helped me learn to feel deep gratitude for the light in my life and why helping others to empower themselves ignites such passion within me. Intense glimpses beyond a voice that you hear on your radio, or the images I’ve portrayed on screen.

I’ve received so many emails about how I couldn’t possibly understand pain because I smile. I seem so happy. Emails exclaiming that people like me have never experienced real pain. It is not for me or anyone else to say whether any person’s pain is valid, emotional or physical. It is what it is. Our painful experiences are unique to each of us, just as our healing is.

I’ve had to make some challenging choices over the years. Recovery of health and family over career opportunities. Solitude over toxic relationships. My definition of success has changed significantly since I stepped into my first role in the media. That role has progressively evolved, each mistake bringing gifts of insight and wisdom. My original drive for power and to impress, surrendered to my desire for happiness through unique and meaningful experiences of genuine expression. My career map looks more like an all dressed pizza, hidden gems under gooey cheesy crusty yumminess.

I would like to thank some of the people who were part of supporting Amethyst Women’s Addictions Centre on March 8th.

Jennifer Jane Clark for creating Soul Sista’s Networking Group and inviting me to be part of the Be An Angel In Action Luncheon.

Spiritual Artist Michelle Kathleen Smith for being my best cheer leader and for donating a gorgeous painting for the silent auction.

Algonquin Medicine Man Pete Bernard for the inspiring speech of healing male and female energies.

Kathie Donavon for her incredibly inspiring message of Inspiration In Action, A Woman’s Guide To Happiness.

Kim McLeod aka Grandma Kim for being there and getting the ball rolling in Autumn 2013 by asking me to share my journey at the I Am Powerful Mother Daughter Conference.

Energy Healer & Producer/Director extraordinaire Lisa Virtue for being there and sharing her positive vibes.

Social Media Maven Elaine Lindsay for being there and for donating her training services.

Paula MacPherson from ACTRA Ottawa and sista also from the acting community.

Heather Garrod for being there and her gift of mint soap from Planet Botanix in the Glebe.

Shefali Burns from Infinity Crystal for being there and for the healing crystal.

Julie Keon, Life Cycle Celebrant for her swag bag contribution of soothing Angelwater Herbal Tea.

Ottawa Flowers for the gorgeous centrepieces.

Do It For Daron for the awareness and efforts you make to improve the mental health conversation to erase the shame that often hinders people from seeking help.

I know there are many other incredibly beautiful and talented people who I’ve missed here. Not because you are not worthy of a mention but my hand is cramping and for once I would like to finish and submit a blog within the same day I begin it.

I look forward to many more events celebrating inspiring people in our community!

In the meantime, back to the airwaves I go. Majic100.3.


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How do you rebuild your life after family trauma and during mental health challenges when you feel your grip on hope is slipping? Katherine Dines is on the infinite journey of happiness and learning to thrive with forgiveness & gratitude. Katherine Dines is a Mother and voice actor, based in Canada's Capital, with international credits on projects including Hasbro's Tropical Tycoon Monopoly & Warner Brothers' Friends DVD Trivia Game. Juggling the demands of single parenting since 2002, Katherine is currently sharing her passions on the airwaves of Majic 100.3 FM Radio while navigating opportunities to express through film, tv & internet projects. Love, laughter & inspiring music rank at the top with love for her daughters motivating her enthusiasm for self discovery and healing.

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  1. kathy downey says:

    I love the photo of the 2 girls walking down the road…just beautiful

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