Inspiring Change for Canada’s Future at #WEdayCanada #MillionHours!

Inspiring Change for Canada’s Future at WE Day Canada #MillionHours!

Ottawa was the place to be, not only on Canada’s big day, but on July 2, 2017 as well! Messages of inspiration, change, and hope were the messages of the day as WE took over the capital for WE Day Canada. This event was a special one as it was the first ever WE Day event to take place outdoors at one of iconic landmarks: Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontatio!


Inspiring Change for Canada’s Future at WE Day Canada #MillionHours!
Crowds taking in the speakers at WE Day Canada


WE Day brings together world-renowned speakers, A-list performers and Canadians from all walks of life to inspire change, both in Canada and around the world. Canada Day weekend was the perfect opportunity to get this message across to Canadians since the eyes of the nation were focused on its capital on the country’s 150th birthday.

I was really excited to bring my kids to this event so they would be able to see the positive message this event was trying to get across to Canadians and to be among the energy and excitement of the day. We were graciously invited to a special gathering at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario for a pre-WE Day event. My kids were welcomed and given WE Day Canada flags to show their excitement and energy towards the event that was about to unfold in front of them.


Inspiring Change for Canada’s Future at WE Day Canada #MillionHours!
Kids standing in front of WE structure with Canada flags for WE Day Canada.


After sampling some of the treats provided to help celebrate the occasion, words of hope, change and encouragement were said by  WE’s founders, as well as some its ambassadors. They were really able to get the day’s event off to a great start. It made me feel as though I was going to be a part of something exciting and meaningful.


Inspiring Change for Canada’s Future at WE Day Canada #MillionHours!
A collage of photos of the pre-We Day Canada gathering at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa, ON.


As we were about to find our seats for the day, the skies clouded over and showered attendees with heavy rain. This did not dampen the spirits of Canadians who showed up to celebrate WE Day Canada. People were dancing and having fun with their umbrellas on the Hill as the beats played in front of Center Block.


Inspiring Change for Canada’s Future at WE Day Canada #MillionHours!
Crowds forming as rain falls on Parliament Hill for WE Day Canada.


It was a sign of good luck as the skies cleared for the beginning of the main event. The hosts for WE Day Canada were Tyone Edwards, Jus Reign, Maripier Morin, Kardinal Offishall, Nicolas Ouellet and Chloe Wilde. With a burst of energy, they kicked off WE Day Canada and got the crowd revved to go!


Inspiring Change for Canada’s Future at WE Day Canada #MillionHours!
Hosts of WE Day Canada welcoming crowds to the event on Parliament Hill!


The speakers of WE Day Canada were amazing! Each of them (especially Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau) had a different message to share with the audience, but they all had the same underlying theme of change, empowerment, and hope for the future of Canada and the world.


Inspiring Change for Canada’s Future at WE Day Canada #MillionHours!
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau inspiring future chance-makers at WE Day Canada.


The performers for the event were fabulous. Canadian talent was front and center from all genres of music to entertain the crowd while sharing their messages of hope and change. My daughter was so moved that she was dancing and having a great time.


Inspiring Change for Canada’s Future at WE Day Canada #MillionHours!
Girl smiling in while having fun and WE Day Canada.


There were also many sponsors of WE Day Canada that also supported the message that WE Day Canada was sharing with the world. One of them was TELUS. They have been a proud sponsor of WE since 2007, contributing over $17 million dollars to WE in Canada and around the world.


Inspiring Change for Canada’s Future at WE Day Canada #MillionHours!
TELUS Million Hours of Giving Logo


They wanted to share its Million Hours initiative with Canadians to get them into the spirit of wanting to give in order to make Canada a better place to live. TELUS is committing one million volunteer hours in Canadian communities. Part of their goal is to have Canadians help TELUS achieve this goal by pledging an hour of their time over social media by using the #MillionHours hashtag. This is such a simple was for Canadians to show their support for what TELUS and WE are trying to accomplish and to give back to Canada’s communities. Show your support by using the #MillionHours hashtag while you are on social media today!  


Girl wearing a TELUS #MillionHours t-shirt while showing a WE Day pretend tattoo.


Overall, WE Day Canada was an amazing way to close out Canada Day weekend.  The messages of change from Canada’s 150th birthday onward was clear throughout the day. My kids and I felt uplifted from what the speakers and performers shared with those in attendance. I also felt inspired to help my kids understand the importance of giving back to the community and country they live in. It will be a day we will not forget.

Want to learn more about WE? You can find out more about how WE is doing its part to change the world by visiting their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages!

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend WE Day Canada by TELUS and was generously compensated to share this event with you.



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  1. I really wish I could have attended this; I saw so many comments from family and friends in the Ottawa area that attended the event. Love the picture of your kids posing in front of the flags! LOL!

  2. I’m so amazed at what the WE initiative has turned into! I think it’s a great way to bring people together for positive change and it feels so Canadian to me.

  3. Sounds like a very fun and inspiring event. I love how much it’s growing! I have a feeling this will eventually turn into a holiday someday.

  4. The most inspiring days spent at WE Day events! I feel that we have hope, great future and opportunities to live in amazing world!


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