Imagination Movers! – A Review on their Recent Ottawa Concert!

Waiting for the bus to go see the movers!

Waiting for the bus to go see the movers!

Recently my family and I got the chance to go see the all amazing Imagination Movers. My son Marshall is in love with them, and when I saw the chance to get to their show, I jumped on it! (Literally, I was laying in bed and I saw the opportunity to go and I jumped out of bed, for Marshal of course… yes… for Marshal…)

The show was at the Centrepointe Theatre here in Ottawa, and was super close to our home. Travelling by bus is our only option, so that was a great start to a great night. There were tons of families and their little munchkins there. Tons of ages as well. We saw a few babies all the way up to adults. Come on who doesn’t love these guys?

Normally their show on TV is always about solving problems in a new and fun way, and this carried over pretty well into their concert.


Rocking and waving to the beat.

It was a true concert so the majority of the performance was singing, but they had us all up off our seats jumping and shaking and dancing around. There was even an appearance from warehouse mouse! The crowd erupted every time he came on stage. It was like the loudest rock concert, except it was filled with the delightful but ear piercing screams of little children.

We sat in the balcony and from what I was told by my husband we could see the stage fairly well. It was nice and cozy and was kind of great because we had almost a whole row to ourselves. Marshall loved running and dancing in the isle. At one point a random man popped up and started talking to us. It took a moment to notice but he was wearing a blue jumpsuit. IT WAS RICH! I’m not going to lie, he’s my favourite. Marshall was sort of shy but we all said hello and shook his hand and even got a high-five, before he was off jumping and hopping over everyone else to say hello.

There was even a special appearance from warehouse mouse! That brought ear piecing to a whole new level!

Warehouse Mouse

Warehouse Mouse

Overall it was a super cute and funny show. At the end they told us their show has been renewed and they are currently making new episodes. Great news because it honestly is a very fun and cute show. The only thing I can complain about is the prices of their merchandise. For a toddler size t-shirt it was 25$, and for this cool little ball wand that lit up, was 15$. I guess they can get away with it because they know us suckers.. I mean parents will buy it for our little ones. Nothing really new considering I may or may not have spent like $4o on shirts at one of my concerts…

It’s a really fun show to watch and interact with. They always have the most imaginative ways to solve problems and always have us off our feet dancing and moving along with them. If they come back to Ottawa you can bet we will be back at their show. Definitely recommend them if you and your little guys like them, and if you have never seen them check them out on the Disney Junior channel (channel 218,479 on Rogers) or at

Sorry I’m not the best photographer, but here are some more photos of the stage, some giant balls they had bouncing around in the crowd, and even a giant toilet paper gun!

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A number of years ago I went blind, and as a result found out I had Multiple Sclerosis. After my diagnosis, I attended a new high school for the visually impaired. That is where I met the love of my life, my husband Dylan. Dylan helped me get through becoming blind and find joy in life again. Shortly after graduating, we moved to Ottawa together and in December of 2011, we were married. A year later we welcomed our beautiful son Marshall to the world. In 2015, after two miscarriages we welcomed our beautiful rainbow baby Charlotte into the world. It hasn't been easy adjusting to being blind and living with M.S on a daily basis , and being a mom of two on top of everything. Life has been... lets say challenging! But oh so worth it!

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  1. Ladena says:

    We saw them in Victoria and had such a great time! They really know how to put on a show!

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    This looks like such a fun show!!

  3. DARLENE W says:

    My grandkids missed out this year but maybe next year

  4. Cheryl says:

    Your little guy sure looks excited!! I so wish the shows were not so expensive as I would love to take the 3 kiddies.

  5. kathy downey says:

    This must have been a blast

  6. kathy downey says:

    Awe sweet,I can tell the wee one is having a blast

  7. Fan R says:

    I never been to Imagination Movers show, looks like it was so much fun!

  8. Fan R. says:

    This is such a fantastic show, I wish we could attend it every year!

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