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| April 16, 2013 | 5 Comments
Working hard

Working hard

How is it possible to lose your post-baby belly when there’s no time (or willpower) to exercise? After months of trying then giving up, I accidentally stumbled upon the solution… work/life stress. I’ve lost 6 pounds since returning to work over 8 months ago.

But first, a disclaimer. We all know that the best weight loss strategy is through proper nutrition, exercise and adequate sleep. Think of it like a triangle where you need all three sides to make it balance. In my experience, no matter how hard I try, I only managed 2 out of the 3… there was always one missing. If I ate right and exercised, I would lack sleep. If I exercised and slept 8 hours a night, I’d forget to focus on eating habits. Since Little Mister and Little Missy were born, I’m lucky to get one out of three.

Like most of us, I never lost all that baby weight the books and articles promise you will lose after the first year, particularly if you breastfeed. Even after 9 months of nursing twins, I found myself at the same weight as a few months after childbirth. Once I stopped nursing them, I actually gained weight since  eating habits didn’t change. Incidentally, M&M weaned themselves around the same time that we changed their bottles to fast flow nipples. Note to all the mommies out there doing both!

Luckily, a friend assured me that once I return to work, the pounds will start to melt off due to stress. I was sceptical at first, and anxious about what work stress would do to me! My job involves sitting at a computer or in meetings for 7.5 hours a day. While sitting at said desk, I tend to snack every few hours as a reason to get up and move around. Whereas at home, I often forget to eat lunch until after they go down for an afternoon nap. Dinner is the same thing. We focus so much on what our toddlers are eating (or not eating), that Mr. Mama and I forget to prepare a plate for ourselves. Once M&M are in bed for the night, it’s time for a late dinner. The later I would stay up, the more I would want to eat a bedtime snack. Don’t know what’s worse – going to bed hungry or lying down with that “full” feeling.

My work schedule isn’t any better. Most days, I eat lunch at my desk while keeping one eye on the computer screen. In the evenings there`s still lots to do once the kids go to bed and I still end up going to bed later than I should. But I must be doing something right because I recently discovered my weight suddenly dipped an additional 2 pounds! I had to step back on the scales several times that week and try out the scales at my parents house just to be sure.

How did I lose this weight?

Here`s what I think it is:

  • Aside from following my own toddler’s feeding schedule at work (breakfast, morning snack, lunch), afternoon snack is actually lunch part two. I sometimes eat that at my desk around 4pm to keep me going until after dinner
  • No more bedtime snack
  • Making a conscious effort to eat a fruit or vegetable every day, even if it’s half the apple/banana/cucumber/carrot that M&M didn’t finish
  • Running the occasional errand at lunch which forces me to walk around
  • Weighing myself less often (every couple of weeks) at the same time every day

I lost the weight mainly from reducing my food intake and partly due to my body’s response to stress. Now if only I could just get exercise and sleep back into the equation to balance things out!

How did you lose your baby weight? Any tips on what worked for you?

Ambereen Rahim is a senior analyst, part-time blogger and mom of three year old boy/girl twins. In her spare time you can find her travelling, exploring activities with the kids, trying new recipes and blogging about it. You can follow their adventures on twitter @2cuteblog

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  1. Terri says:

    Thanks for sharing Ambereen! I too gained those “post-breast feeding” period. I didn’t expect that! So, are you telling me I need a job? 😉

  2. Louise says:

    Interesting – I’m a month out from returning to work and worried how I’m going to stay on track health/fitness-wise then – so a bit different from this. I did well last mat leave and then gained when I went back to work and no longer had time to exercise.

    As far as losing baby-weight for this (2nd) pregnancy after four months of trying just fitness with little result, I sucked it up in January and joined Weight Watchers. Can’t say enough good things about that – I’ve lost about 30lbs – and haven’t been this slim in over a decade. Aside from that, I learnt how to cook properly for myself so I could control what goes in better; and exercise about 3-4 times a week at a gym with a playcare to watch the kids (and can’t say enough good things about THAT either – I’ll miss it when I go back to work).

  3. I agree, stress usually helps you lose some weight at first. Hopefully, the 3pm muffin doesn’t make it’s way into the routine or the bag of chips once the kids are in bed and you’re too pooped to move. That’s what happened to me and suddenly I was 10 pounds heavier than when I went back to work. What helped me was starting slowly with some DVD’s at home to get my cardio back up and then taking a class at the community centre in the evening with other moms. It wasn’t as intimidating as a gym but it forced me to go so that others wouldn’t know I ‘skipped’ class:)

  4. Ambereen says:

    Those are great suggestions, ladies! It sounds like a set program for weight loss or exercise is a good way to reach your goals.
    Terri at the risk of sounding ungrateful to have a job, keep your current day job as long as possible! I wouldn’t wish work/life stress on anyone.

  5. kathy downey says:


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