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Hot Wheels are HOT! HOT! HOT! #Review

Hot Wheels are HOT! HOT! HOT!

Saying that my kids went bananas when a giant Hot Wheels box arrived at our door, is an understatement! The Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister was a hit!


They have definitely hit the age group at 5+. My five year old loves the toy and the word “AWESOME” seemed to come out of his mouth every ten seconds. My 2 year old also thought it was great but I think my bigger guy loved it even more and it held his attention for longer.


There were a couple of drawbacks. There are lots of pieces and while I think it’s a great gift to give on Christmas morning, you might want to start putting it together after you open all your presents because it takes awhile.


Also, it doesn’t say clearly on the box that batteries are NOT included. You need 4 D-size batteries and you don’t want to be without them on Christmas morning or this toy will be a bust. The only other complaint I have is that it only comes with one car. One of the “cool” parts to this toy is that the cars can crash into each other…this is where the “AWESOME” word was repeated. If you don’t have an extra hot wheels car hanging around the house then I suggest you stock up.

Overall,  if you do a little prep work (get the batteries!), the Triple Track Twister is a great toy for the holidays. My kids were excited, played with it for a long time and came back to it. I would definitely consider it for you little ones if they love fast, noisy cars. AWESOME!


Keep it Beautiful.

*Disclaimer: I received this product to sample. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. my son adores hot wheels, we have wall tracks and hot wheels in the bath tub the hot wheels remote toy that drives in the snow. Oh the life of boys, but its so much fun.

  2. My guy is still too little for hot wheels- but just barely! He should be ready any time now, & I can’t wait. He already loves playing with cars & race tracks & things, I’m so excited to start hot wheels with him soon!

  3. My son is still a little young for Hot Wheels and my daughter plays with them a bit. My husband still gets a thrill out of them though, lol.

  4. my grandson is mad about them. He has a couple of them that are built on the wall and the cars go racing up, under and over, he loves them.

  5. My son is only 14 months so he has not had a chance to play with Hot Wheels yet, I do have two nephews who absolutely adore Hot Wheels cars though!

  6. I have two little grandchildren who love their Hot Wheels toys.I would love to win this for them for Christmas.They live far away and I don,t get to see them very often so this would be special.Thanks for the chance.

  7. My nephew lives for Hot Wheels. My husband has a racecar, and my nephew pretends he’s in it. It’s so cute watching him “race Uncle D’s yellow car”

  8. Yes! My son loves Hot Wheels cars, he has a bunch of them, but he would LOVE this track, since he doesn’t have any track to play with his cars on. Thank you! 🙂

  9. If the present can come as a surprise, then all the cooler.
    If not, you may still make it a bit of a surprise by double wrapping it or better
    still, providing two gifts, thee first being
    somewhat of a decoy.

  10. We were just in Walmart today and I let my boys choose two new hot wheels cars each on the dollar table they had in the middle of the isle and underneath the display was this track and my oldest son wanted it badly and tried to put it in out cart but unfortunately,our budget does not allow expensive toys.So,yes,I do hope to win this for him!


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