Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®! #CanadasHome

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Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®! #CanadasHome


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You have probably heard about the state of the Prime Minister’s home here in Ottawa. It is not in the best of shape at the moment, and Canada’s 150th anniversary is just around the corner. With this in mind, Maytag® decided to create #CanadasHome. This was for Canadians to have a home that honours our country and displays dependable products for Canadians to use. Ottawa Mommy Club was invited to get a sneak peek at Canada’s Home and pick up some tips on how to be the ultimate dependable host for this anticipated Canada Day weekend!


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

The front of Maytag® #CanadasHome


Welcome home, Canada! Even the porch was decked out to welcome guests for the big day. The warm, sunny evening added to the magic of the event.


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Woman sitting on the porch of #CanadasHome.


The one and only Cathy Jones was our hostess on behalf of Maytag®. She welcomed us into Canada’s Home with her humour and charm. Cathy made all in attendance feel welcome and ready to have an amazing time at this event.



Maytag® also shared six tips to being a dependable host this Canada Day weekend.

Tip #1: Have a backup plan


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Framed hosting tip on top of a piano at #CanadasHome.


As much as we have the perfect Canada Day weekend planned out in our heads, there is always the chance for something to go awry. That way, when things do go wonky, you are ready with a solution and can continue the festive fun.

Having a backup plan could be to have foods that you can have in your fridge or freezer to heat up just in case your starting entrée goes up in flames. A great way to keep food and drinks cool is with the Maytag® Four-Door French Door Refrigerator. Its PowerCold™ feature allows for keeping items cool even when you are pondering as to what to find to snack on in front of it! My favourite feature is its drawer in the middle of this fridge. It keeps bottles and other to be stored and stay chilled until they are needed.


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Collage of Maytag® Four-Door French Door Refrigerator in #CanadasHome.


Hit play on the video to get a sneak peek at how amazing this fridge is!



Tip #2: Choose dependable dishes


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Framed hosting tip on top of a counter in #CanadasHome.


Unless you are a super whiz in the kitchen or on the grill, stick to your tried and true snacks and meals. This way, your guests are always wowed with the food put in front of them.

We spent a bit of time with our host, Cathy Jones and Chef Devin Mature of The Urban Element in Ottawa learning about the Maytag® Front-Control Range. We were able to pop into the kitchen while he was prepping all of the dishes for our Canada 150-inspired meal. All elements were fired up as Chef Devin showed us how to prep and cook the main entrée: Roasted Cornish Hen. Take a look at how he worked his magic with this Maytag® range.


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Dinner being prepared on the Maytag® Front-Control Range in #CanadasHome.


One of the best features we were told about the Front-Control Range is the Power Preheat. This speedy feature gets your oven ready so you can enjoy dinner faster*! That is certainly a time saver.

Tip #3: Be prepared for stains


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Framed hosting tip on top of a washing machine in #CanadasHome.


The fun times of a celebration can sometimes lead to a spill. Pop the stained item into the washing machine straight away! This will give you the best chance to remove the stain from the item.

If spills do occur, Maytag® has a fabulous Extra-Large Capacity Top Load Large Washer and an Extra-Large Capacity Dryer conveniently on the main floor so you can easily pop stained items in and have clothes and other items cleaned in no time!


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Maytag® Extra-Large Capacity Top Load Large Washer and Extra-Large Capacity Dryer in #CanadasHome.


The Extra-Large Capacity Top Load Large Washer has a PowerWash® system that helps to remove tough everyday stains! It delivers the Best Cleaning in the industry*!Did you know that standard washers are only able to hold between four and five cubic feet of clothing? The extra-large capacity of this top large washer from Maytag® can hold 7.1 cubic feet. It is even able to handle your fluffy duvets and not so sweet smelling gym bags. Imagine how many fewer loads of laundry you have to do every week!

The Extra-Large Capacity Dryer from Maytag® then continues the job the Extra-Large Capacity Top Load Large Washer started. This dryer has a PowerDry system that dries tough loads faster and evenly* with the PowerDry cycle, Advanced Moisture Sensing with an industry-exclusive extra moisture sensor, and an extra interior fin to keep clothes moving for effective drying.. . . Who is a fan of wrinkles? Not many of us. The Steam Refresh feature relaxes wrinkles and refreshes clothes by using a fine mist as they tumble to get rid of wrinkles. This dryer also able to handle some pretty big loads. It can hold up to 9.2 cubic feet of clothes, so drying 26 towels at once is a possibility!

Tip #4: Go for bite-sized appetizers


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Framed hosting tips with an appetizer and a drink in #CanadasHome.


Small, bite-sized appetizers are always best to serve to your guests. They are easy to pick up and eat (and to have more than one, of course!). Guests are not always cool with having an awkward appetizer they have to juggle in their hands. There is also the potential to have guests wearing their appetizer instead of eating it!

Tip #5: Say no to fancy dishware


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Framed hosting tip on a counter with food in #CanadasHome.


The dishes you serve your meals, drinks, and snacks on to guests are as important as the food and drinks themselves. Dishes that will look good each time you use them after cleaning them goes a long way to make your food and drinks more pleasing to the eye.

With guests around your home, there are sure to be a pile of dishes a mile high to constantly have to wash. The Maytag® Top Control Pocket Handle Dishwasher makes this chore a breeze so you can spend more time with loved one and less time with the dishes. Its PowerBlast™ Cycle uses high-pressure spray jets to help remove stuck-on food from dishes and utensils. The increased temperatures and hot steam used in this machine assist to finish the job in a snap. Take a look at what Cathy Jones has to say about this time-saving helper in Canada’s Home!



Tip #6: Delegate to future house leaders


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Framed hosing tip in a living room in #CanadasHome.


Keeping everything looking perfect while hosting does not have to always fall onto your shoulders. Enlist your loved ones at home to roll up their sleeves and pitch in with some of the tasks to make happen smoothly and to take a bit of the stress off of your shoulders. This way, everyone can have a great time while hosting this Canada Day weekend!


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Collage of photos in the living room of #CanadasHome.


Maytag® also dressed up the rest of the main floor of this home to give this home a homey, Canadian feel. The little touches with the Canadian-themed throw pillows and blankets were some of my favourite touches to this home. The moose on the wall made all of us smile.


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Collage of photos with drinks and appetizers in #CanadasHome


Food makes any event better. From our starter appetizer and drinks to our desserts, Canada was the star on our plates and in our glasses. Canadian ingredients and wines were on display for us to taste and enjoy. The star of the night was the Roasted Cornish Hen. Each bite of the night was better than the last dish presented. We were so impressed with what could be created with appliances from Maytag®.


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Collage of photos in the dining room of #CanadasHome


It was such a dream to have a sneak peek of #CanadasHome created by Maytag®. The home was whimsical while making me feel at home. The tips I picked up to be a dependable host this Canada Day weekend will come in useful when I have guests to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. The food served was amazing, and I wished I could take all of these Maytag® appliances home to have to help me get through hosting my guests for the big day.


Hosting Made Easy this Canada Day Weekend with Maytag®!

Collage of dishes served for dinner in #CanadasHome.


Want to find out more about Maytag®, Canada’s Home or the appliances we were amazed by at this event? You can visit Maytag® on their website. You can also connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

Which Maytag appliance would you want to make your home feel more like #CanadasHome?






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  1. Lynda Cook says:

    Many great hosting tips, and I love the appliances, I need a new fridge and this is one I could really fall in love with!

  2. Calvin F. says:

    Probably a dishwasher 🙂 Their appliances are great, I like stainless steel.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    That meal looks delicious, I wouldn’t have wanted to move afterwards I’m sure. I actually have a Maytag washer (front loader) and dryer set and am very happy with them. 🙂

  4. Sab Edwards says:

    I LOVE my maytag front load washer/dryer I won from sunlight years ago…yesterday was the 1st time we had to get it looked at. Would recommend them over anyone

  5. Brenda A says:

    First, those appliances made me drool and groan with envy. Second, the food pics look amazing! For this first time since I moved to Ottawa 16 years ago, my entire family will be here for Canada Day! So excited!

  6. accontests6 says:

    Great blog entry. Thank you.

  7. AD says:

    Looks like a great hosted event, love hat refrigerator with the drinks cooler!

  8. Very helpful tips for any party preparations. I would love Maytag products in my home!!

  9. Debbie White-Beattie says:

    Wow I would love to have these appliances and the food made with these appliances looks delicious

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