Heading Back to the Boardroom

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Three years ago, while at the top of my game, I walked into my boss’ office and resigned. Just like that. People thought I was crazy. I’m sure they thought I was having some sort of crisis. I wasn’t. I have spent the last three years being there for my family, my community and, in my spare time, writing. That writing has resulted in a book, a real book, which is now published and out there in the real world for others to read (amazon.ca). In just a few days I will have a little party (click for Invitation) to celebrate its completion and I will be donating part of the proceeds from book sales to two local non-profit organizations dedicated to helping expectant and new parents. I can’t wait.

So … now what?

I can’t believe this is happening but just like that, as a result of a casual conversation a couple months ago, I find myself pulling out those suits from the back of my closet and heading back into the boardroom. I am embarking on a career as a financial advisor. I have spent the last six weeks studying and I have written two exams in a week. I think the last time I wrote an exam Buffy was slaying vampires, the Spice Girls were topping the charts and I didn’t have two children hovering around looking for attention and for something to eat every few hours. All to say, it’s been awhile. But that’s all done … the exams are over (for now) and in a few short days I will be licensed in the province of Ontario. I am ready to take on the world. As moms we often struggle with our own guilt about whether we are doing a good job, should we work out of the home, shouldn’t we? We often carry a big load on our shoulders. Thankfully my girls and husband are extremely supportive. I am excited and nervous all at the same time which has proven in the past to be a good combination that keeps me motivated to succeed. Let’s see what the future has in store for @KatinaMichelis !



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