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Grow and Learn with DK Canada

Spring is really beginning to show outside. It gives a fresh look and feel our neighbourhoods. Our family loves growing plants. They are an important part of our lives and we love being surrounded by them, both indoors and out. DK Canada wants families to become more connected to plant life this spring. They asked if we would like to grow and learn this season from three books from their amazing array of titles. We were excited and could not wait to see how we could discovering more about the plant world.

Below are three titles my family received to start learning this spring:


Grow and Learn with DK Canada
Photo Credit: Practical Houseplant, Indoor Edible Garden, and The Bee Book book covers.


Turning a brown thumb greener

We enjoy having house plants around our home. Plants make our house look more like a home, and they help to make the air cleaner. There are some plants we have a bit of trouble growing indoors and would love to have more help to figure out how to keep them alive. Practical Houseplant Book was a great find to help give us a bit of insight to our growing issues.


Grow and Learn with DK Canada
Photo Credit: Practical Houseplant
book cover.


Not only does this book offer readers tips to grow different indoor plants, it demonstrates different design ideas to help decorate your home with houseplants. I found it amazing to learn how to create a dry terrarium from start to finish. An added bonus are the tips to maintain this type of garden project.


Grow and Learn with DK Canada
“Dry Terrarium” project section of Practical Houseplant Book on grass with plants and gardening items.


Indoor and home-grown

My family loves to grow food in our garden. We have been thinking about starting to grow some of our food indoor to be able to have access to them all year-round. It would also be a learning experience for our kids to see an edible plant grow from seed to harvest. Indoor Edible Garden is a great read for us to start this process in our own home.


Grow and Learn with DK Canada
Photo Credit: Indoor Edible Garden book cover.


This book shares with readers how to plan an indoor garden, which plants can be grown indoors, and tips for caring for your indoor garden. We love Mediterranean cooking. Starting a Mediterranean garden is a project we would love to start. Indoor Edible Garden demonstrates how to create this kind of garden and gardening tips for this project. We are really excited to put it together to add fresher and home-grown

Grow and Learn with DK Canada
“Planning a Mediterranean mix” section with fruits and veggies on a table.

to our dinner table.




The importance of the buzz

Plant life outdoors is just as important as it in inside of our home. Our kids are curious about how they grow. We have sat down and discussed the importance of some of the pollinators that visit our backyard. Our little ones wanted to learn more about one of the most pollinators we see in our year: the bee. The Bee Book by Charlotte Milner is a fun read for kids to gain more insight to these amazing insects and how important they are to our world.


Grow and Learn with DK Canada
Photo Credit: The Bee Book book cover.


Our children had fun learning about bees and their lives, why they are important, and their significance in the pollination process. Finding out about the process of pollination fascinated my kids. They learned how it happens and its key role in the production of plants and food. They now want to start a garden of their own outside to invite more bees to our yard to help them thrive.


Grow and Learn with DK Canada
“What is Pollination” section of The Bee Book with a jar and flowers on grass.


Grow and learn

All three books from DK Canada will come in handy to help our family grow and learn this spring! We now have more tips to make more of our houseplants, grow our own edible indoor garden, and the importance of bees. These titles not only benefit our family, they help to improve our communities and the world. Each book is a welcome addition to our family’s home library.


Grow and Learn with DK Canada
Grow and Learn with DK Canada


Would your family like to grow and learn this spring? Discover more titles like my family did on DK website, and connect with them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received products from DK Canada to write this review. The views I share are my own.



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  1. I’d like to win Indoor Edible Garden. I grow herbs during the summer, and I’d be interested in what’s possible during the winter.

  2. The Bee Book would definitely be my first choice. 2 years I have been planting a Bee garden. The first year was not great but the 2nd year showed great progress. I want to do this for the Bees as well as our planet.

  3. I would like the interesting and useful book Practical Houseplant Book best.
    it seems full of info. and I just love the value of a good plant in our home. i would give the Bee book to my sister in law who Keeps Bees.

  4. The Indoor Edible Garden book would be one I would love. The growing season outside here is so short that I can’t grown that much. I would love some guidance as to what I could grow inside and the best way to do so.

  5. I would like the book American Girl: Discover Science to share with my granddaughters. They all have the dolls and would enjoy reading this book.

  6. *Practical House Plants* – I love pretty plants in my home and love decorating with them! Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Indoor Edible Garden would be my choice. I grew lettuce, radish and spinach in my basement last winter and would like to up my game this winter.

  8. I would love to reaad the Edible Indoor garden book as it would be wonderful to grow something indoors when the weather isn’t ideal for it here

  9. I would appreciate winning The Bee Book, since my family has been extremely interested in that subject for a while now; they would love it.

  10. The edible indoor garden book sounds awesome as it’s something I’d love to do year round! The Mythology book from the site also caught my eye

  11. I would like the Indoor Edible Garden. This would be one that I am really looking forward to trying out in our home.

  12. I would like the book Pests and Diseases By Andrew Halstead. It would help me identify what is the problem if my plants are not flourishing.

  13. I would like the book My Encyclopedia of Very Important Dinosaurs to share with my youngest grandson. He is obsessed with dinosaurs.

  14. I would like to read the book Ultimate Sticker Book: Dinosaurs to my grandson and help him put on the stickers.

  15. I would love to win the Indoor Edible Garden book for those lonnnnng Canadian winters… xD It would probably help mentally as well, to see the plants during those months.

  16. I would enjoy reading Star Wars™ Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles with my oldest grandson. He would love it.

  17. I would like to win the Practical House Plant book because I have many and need help keeping them alive!

  18. I would love to win The Bee Book as the bees are endangered and I would love to know how we are gonna prevent this.

  19. DK always has such great interesting books. I do like the sound of the Practical Houseplant Book and the Indoor Edible Garden.


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