Tuesday Tip Day~Go Fish!

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Remember the classic card game “Go Fish”? In the game you keep asking the other players for what you want or need until you get a match. If your opponent doesn’t have it then he will say “go fish” and you get to pick up another card that may or may not be just what you need.

In parenting and sleep coaching, it is important to take an individual approach. Not all children will respond to ridged schedules or plans that can be found in books. Even plans that are developed with professionals may need some tweaking.

If you are not getting results with what you are asking your child to do, it’s ok to “Go Fish”, or try another approach. You may be surprised with the result. It could be a perfect match, or you may need to wait a little longer to get what you need.

If you are in the middle of a sleep plan or transition and you are not seeing the results you were hoping for you may want to book a mini consult to discuss some options with a Certified Sleep Consultant.

For more information visit: www.HowToGetKidsToSleep.com

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Andrea is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, Child Sleep Consultant and Postpartum Doula. She has extensive training and in her 8 years of practice has helped over 2000 children and their families get better sleep. Andrea and her team work with families throughout Canada and the US providing individual consultations, workshops and in-home support for families with children infant to 6 years old.

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