Givopoly – A Review of Ottawa’s Unique Gift Concierge Service

| February 7, 2013 | 2 Comments

As a mother of a toddler who works outside of the home and lives outside of Ottawa, it is often difficult to keep up with all the unique and independently-run small shops in the city and its surrounding area. Those little shops are often meccas for one-of-a-kind finds that can be given to loved ones as gifts or given to yourself as a special treat. Before the Bean was born, I used to have more time to head into the Byward Market or other similar neighbourhoods like the Glebe, Westboro or Hintenbourg just because. Now, if I don’t have a legitimate reason to go out there, it won’t be happening. Often, I have to be able to group together several errands to justify going to the city.

But I really want to have a unique selection to choose from when I’m purchasing a gift for someone and I like to support local businesses. That is why Givopoly, Ottawa’s new gift delivery service, is perfect. Givopoly was created by Susan Richards, along with her business partner, Craig Hung and it’s almost reaching its first birthday. The service collects unique items from Ottawa’s locally-owned businesses and presents them on their website for your perusing pleasure. When you find something you love, whether it be cupcakes, a necklace or a gift basket for a new mama, you place your order and your gifts are delivered the next day, for a delivery charge of $6.95. There are also options to have your item delivered the same day you order it, or later in the future too. Best of all, there is no markup on the items displayed on Givopoly, so it really is like you purchased it from the store.

Givopoly kindly granted me a credit to check out their website and service. I spent a fair bit of time on their website, checking out all of the neat items businesses in Ottawa have to offer. The website is very easy to navigate and items are categorized by either Occasion, Type or Business.

I decided on a cute kids baking set for when the Bean is a bit older and two small trays of Life of Pie’s “Just Carrots” carrot cake. Even though I placed my order on the weekend, I asked for the delivery to be made to my office downtown on Tuesday between 11am and 2pm. Lo and behold, on Tuesday at around 12:30pm, I received two beautiful gift bags – one with Nina’s gift in it and the other bag with the delicious carrot cake, which I decided to treat my colleagues to. A shout out to Life of Pie on Bank Street – I had never tried their baked goods before but the carrot cake was delicious. Not too sweet and just as its name says…a taste of Just Carrots.

I will definitely use Givopoly in the future. I see it as a win for everybody involved too – the person receiving the gift; the person purchasing the gift; Givopoly and the local businesses in Ottawa that will gain that much more exposure from partnering with the service.

Check them out at and on Facebook!

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  1. kathy downey says:

    Thanks for the information on this

  2. kathy downey says:

    I really think they have a fair price for only $6.95 delivery charge .

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