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Little Live Pets™ Lil’ Mouse Review

Is your child a pet lover? Would they love a friend that is cute, full of energy and is a toy? Little Live Pets™ creates fun toys pets that kids love playing with! For children that like having a pet that is always on the go, one of the mice from the Little Live Pets™ Lil’ Mouse would be a perfect gift!

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Little Live Pets Lil’Mouse Trail Review

Not keen about having a mouse in your house? The cute collection of mice from the Little Live Pets™ will make you want to have a mischief of mice for your children to play with! These pets are the latest additions to the Little Live Pets™ family. They love to scurry, scamper and explore over obstacles, tracks and the floor! To calm them down, hold them in the palm of your hand. To get them revved up to adventure around your home, simply tickle their back. I received the Little Live Pets™ Lil’ Mouse Single Pack and the Little Live Pets Lil’ Mouse Trail to review with my family. This collection of toys are recommended for children ages 5+.

My kids instantly fell in love with our mouse, Crumbs. As soon as we tickled the buttons on our new pet’s back, he really showed us just how quick and agile he could be. Our pet zipped and whizzed around our table, then throughout our living room, exploring his new home. Crumbs also makes some of the cutest squeaks and giggles, making you want to giggle along with him.

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Easy To Put Together

It was easy to put together our Little Live Pets™ Lil’ Mouse Trail. With a few snaps, we let Crumbs loose on his enclosed track. There were domes, a see-saw, and a slide for Crumbs to run around and enjoy. It was so much fun to see him zoom around his trail and to change direction on a dime if he came across a wall or barrier to get going on the right track. We loved watching and playing with Crumbs!

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Overall, we love having our Little Live Pets™ Lil’ Mouse! Crumbs was fun to play with, both as an explorer around our home and as a racer in his Little Live Pets™ Lil’ Mouse Trail. It was easy to learn how to care for Crumbs and to put his Mouse Trail together so he could have fun with us! He was a delight to watch, and we are delighted to have him a part of our family!


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For more information about Little Live Pets™, you can connect with them on their website!

Disclaimer: I received products from Little Live Pets™ in order to write this review. All opinions expressed are my own.  


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  1. She wants one for a pet, however, I won’t allow that! So, this would be as close to a pet mouse as she’s getting!

  2. My boyfriend’s little girl would love this! She loves animals but cannot have real ones because of her brother’s allergies

  3. i think this is absolute genius toy! great way to kind of give children the idea of what it is like to take care of their own pet/animal

  4. My nieces love all things small and furry. They’re not allowed to keep real mice as pets, but i bet they’d be happy to have a little live pet mouse!

  5. I would like to win this for my friend’s little girl who isn’t getting much this Christmas. I think she’d like it a lot.

  6. My daughter would like Little Live Pets™ Lil’ Mouse because she has been asking for a pet dog or lizard. This is the next best thing til we are ready for the responsibility.


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