Girls and Women Take a Stand and Join the #LikeAGirl Movement!

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If you are a woman, you must have heard the saying “you run like a girl”, “stop acting like a girl”, “fight like a girl”, or “you throw like a girl”, which is pretty much meant as an insult. “Like a girl” should have a positive reflection of how women are strong, confident, intelligent, talented, and totally awesome!

Guess what, according to the new Always Confidence and Puberty Study, only 19% of girls have a positive association with the phrase “like a girl”. I am not really surprised by these results, since this saying is condescending and especially used by boys. This punch line ‘like a girl’ has a  huge impact on a girl’s self-confidence. Puberty is difficult enough as it is for teenage girls without adding negative stereotypes.

Girls and Women Take a Stand and Join the #LikeAGirl Movement!
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Interesting facts: Always Puberty & Confidence Study Findings


  •  More than half of girls (about 1 out of 2 or 56 percent) claimed to experience a drop in confidence at puberty.
  • Lowest confidence moments for girls were when puberty started and when they got their first period; a close second were starting middle and junior high school.
  • Girls who saw a drop in confidence during puberty are more likely to claim they started puberty either before or after their friends.
  • The advice most females would give to their younger selves is “you’re not alone” and “you’re not as awkward as you feel.”


  • The majority (89 percent) of females aged 16-24 agree that words can be harmful, especially to girls.
  • Only 19 percent of girls have a positive association toward the phrase “like a girl.”
  • More than half (57 percent) of females think there should be a movement to change the negative perception of the phrase “like a girl.”
  • Four in five (81 percent) girls would support Always in creating a movement to change the negative perception of “like a girl.”
Girls and Women Take a Stand and Join the #LikeAGirl Movement!
Girls and Women Take a Stand and Join the #LikeAGirl Movement!

#LikeAGirl Movement

Always, the leader in global feminine care, is launching a new campaign to change the negative perception of the phrase and make “like a girl” a declaration that means downright amazing. Now is the time to take a stand as a girl or woman thus joining the #LikeAGirl movement and sharing what we proudly do #LikeAGirl!

Let’s show young girls all over the world that we are proud of doing things “like a girl” and that “girls rock”! Wear a t-shirt, take a “selfie”, snap some photos, and use the hashtag #LikeAGirl to make girls feel proud everywhere. Let’s see how far we can throw this!

Girls and Women Take a Stand and Join the #LikeAGirl Movement!
Girls and Women Take a Stand and Join the #LikeAGirl Movement!

Social Experiment

Always partnered with award-winning documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield to conduct a social experiment to see how people of all ages interpret the phrase “Like a Girl.”

“In my work as a documentarian, I have witnessed the confidence crisis among girls and the negative impact of stereotypes first-hand,” said Greenfield. “When the words ‘like a girl’ are used to mean something bad, it is profoundly disempowering. I am proud to partner with Always to shed light on how this simple phrase can have a significant and long-lasting impact on girls and women. I am excited to be a part of the movement to redefine ‘like a girl’ into a positive affirmation.”

Please watch this inspiring video!

Always Commitment

Always has been empowering girls through puberty education for over 30 years, reaching between 17 and 20 million girls globally every year. They are raising awareness about the confidence plummet that happens to girls at puberty, spurring conversation to help rethink and redefine the common words and phrases used in society that imply girls are weak or inferior. They want to drive thoughtful consideration of how these hurtful words impact her confidence, particularly at one of the most impressionable times of her life.

“I am proud of the Always commitment to help girls build their confidence at puberty and beyond, especially as a father of three young girls,” said Edgar Sandoval, Vice President of Global Feminine Care, Procter & Gamble. “I’m touched by our new #LikeAGirl campaign, because every girl is capable of greatness and we must continue to empower them to grow into strong, amazing women tomorrow.”

Girls and Women Take a Stand and Join the #LikeAGirl Movement!
Girls and Women Take a Stand and Join the #LikeAGirl Movement!

Hoping you will join me in taking a stand in the #LikeAGirl Movement!

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Always, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Always.

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  1. Brenda A says:

    In some capacity, I would love to just do away with sterotypes of all sorts. Moving the focus away from gender is on the way as acceptance, I feel, is on the rise. I like to believe that in the future there will be no connotations to the term “like a girl”. I am raising my girls with awareness, respect and confidence. This is an interesting topic and I hope one day my predictions come true!

  2. Julie Bolduc says:

    This is very interesting obe of my children is losing confidence and she’s hitting puberty

  3. KD says:

    I think it is essential for children — both girls and boys — to receive strong messages of what they can be.

  4. Wendy Jabkowski says:

    This is a great movement. Anything promoting physical activity in kids is awesome!

  5. Laurie P says:

    Such an empowering campaign! For girls and boys…

  6. Victoria Ess says:

    I love this campaign!

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