Gift Wonder For the Holidays with DK Canada Books #Review

Wonders can be found anywhere! Did you think they could be found in a book? DK Canada has books that help to bring wonders to readers of all ages. They asked us if we could find wonder in books that we would want to gift to loved ones this holiday season. We were curious to see how much fun these books would be to read and give!

Gift Wonders For the Holidays with DK Canada

Below are the titles we received to help us gift wonder this holiday season:

Gift Wonder For the Holidays with DK Canada
DK Books book covers.

Wonders throughout history

Throughout history people have been creating buildings and structures that have inspired wonder and have stood the test of time. Man-Made Wonders of the World takes readers world the world to learn more about the structures people have constructed throughout history that still marvel us today.

Gift Wonder For the Holidays with DK Canada
Man-Made Wonders of the World book cover.

One man-made wonder that floors me every time I think about it is the Terracotta Army in China. To think these terracotta soldiers had been in the ground for over 2000 years is a testament to the craftsmanship of these statures. I was also delighted to learn about how each figure was mass produced and was created with the use of various molds. 

Gift Wonder For the Holidays with DK Canada
“Terracotta Soldiers” section of Man-Made Wonders of the World book.

My history buff friends would be ecstatic to have this book to learn more about how different civilizations in history were able to build. 

Discovering the secrets of nature

My kids have so many questions about nature. There are so many aspects about the world around them that they want to discover. The Wonders of Nature allows young readers to discover the secrets and the natural history behind many of the beings found in our world. 

Gift Wonder For the Holidays with DK Canada
The Wonders of Nature book cover.

I liked how this title can answer their queries about the flora, fauna, and minerals they discover. I was also happy to learn about the different colours irises flower scan be found in. 

Gift Wonder For the Holidays with DK Canada
“Iris” section of The Wonders of Nature book.

The interesting fact I picked up from this section of the book is about the dots on the petals fo this flower. They act like lights on a landing strip of an airport runway for animals and insects. These dots let these creatures know where the nectar is located within the flower.

I would love to gift this book to my kids to add to their library. They would love to be able to have answers at their fingertips.

Wonder through travel

Many of my friends love to escape the everyday by travelling to different locales around the world. Where to Go When guides readers to various destinations around the world and shares the best times of the year to to visit them.

Gift Wonder For the Holidays with DK Canada
Where to Go When book cover.

The images alone had me wanting to pack my bags to get away to these destinations! This book is laid out month-by-month so you can pick where to go at a time that works best for you. I also like how each place featured shares why travellers would want to go there and other times of the year are best to visit.

Gift Wonder For the Holidays with DK Canada
“Crete” section of Where to Go When book cover.

My frequent flyers would really love getting this book this year to start planning their trips in the new year!

The gift of wonder, page by page

All three books would make great gifts that would share wonder to your loved ones this year with DK Canada. A guide through human civilization can be found in the pages of Man-Made Wonders of the World. The secrets of the nature are discovered in The Wonders of Nature. People bitten by the Travel Bug can plan to explore beautiful locales easier with Where to Go When. Friends and family will be happy with wonder over these fabulous gift ideas when they are unwrapped. I can’t wait to give them out this year!

Gift Wonder For the Holidays with DK Canada
Gift Wonder For the Holidays with DK Canada

Looking some more gift ideas you can give that can share wonder this year? You can find more books, like my family did, on DK Canada’s website! We also connected with them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received books from DK Canada to write this review. The views I share are my own.

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  1. Wow … those are amazing books. We love books. There is nothing like holding a book in your hand and relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea. Where to go When is my choice but again WOW – They are fabulous book choices.

  2. All 3 would help me gift wonder! Man-Made Wonders of the World to my oldest daughter, The Wonders of Nature to my younger daughter, and Where to Go When to my husband.

  3. I know absolutely nothing about comics so today I choose DC Comics Year By Year New Edition. This would also please my oldest who loves comics. 🙂

  4. I’d probably learn something new from Bake It as well as this being a great book for my granddaughter who loves baking.

  5. I wouldn’t say that I know nothing about this but I do know that my son knows ever single little thing when there’s a trivia game. Ultimate Star Wars New Edition

  6. 5 Bizarre Dreams Decoded – Open your eyes to the meaning of your dreams, sounds like an interesting book that I know nothing about.

  7. My hubby & I would love the Man Made Wonders of the World book. We watch a lot of documentaries and are fascinated by different types of architecture and creations throughout the world.

  8. Where to go When sounds like a great book especially since we have young children and aren’t restricted to travel during school holidays. It also has beautiful pictures that would help entice the kids!

  9. I would like to get the First Aid Fast for Babies and Children book, to feel confident I could handle an emergency situation with my grandson.

  10. Pocket Birds of Canada would be a valuable book for a family and one I am going to look at picking up. My kids love identifying birds when we are out on hikes or camping.


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