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My yard

My yard

Since moving to a bit more of a rural setting with 3 acres just over 5 years ago, I’ve been experimenting more with different types of gardening. I love the growing season after our long and dark winters and get really excited about the colours and smells the garden brings each growing season.

I know a bit about gardening but not really that much. I don’t have time for courses but I want to know what I want to know and I want my garden to look like the pictures I see in the magazines. But with little extra time, I usually just wing it and hope for the best.

Let me tell you that this is not always the best way to go about things. I have wasted precious time, money and husband labour on projects gone bad, mostly because I didn’t take the time to read up a bit on my latest project and am left with disappointment and frustration.

Until now.

I had the opportunity to review some gardening books compliments of DK Canada Publishing. Even had my pick of a few which was nice! I picked the ones that I thought would help me with this year’s gardening ideas and I was not disappointed.

growpraceverythingHow To Grow Practically Everything was appealing to me as it has a strong table of contents which provides ease in getting to the section you specifically want to read.

I had been toying around with the idea of creating a wonderful field of lavender similar to photos I had seen and fields I had visited. I soon realized I would have to downsize my dream due to limitations to what type of lavender I can grow her and decided on a lavender hedge as a compromise and this book has a section on just that.

The start of my lavender hedge

The start of my lavender hedge

Like much of the layout of this book, most topics are covered on 2-3 pages on average and that includes photos. I found this attractive as I was able to get the information I wanted rather quickly and use the photos as visual cues for further planning.

The abundance of colourful photos and easy to follow step by step instructions and detailed ‘what you will need’ list read like an easy to follow cookbook but for gardening.

vegesinpots2Grow Vegetables in Pots

While I live in a more country setting than I used to, I still face some of the same challenges my condo and apartment dwelling friends face, although for different reasons. Growing vegetables in pots is a great choice for small spaces. As well, it’s a great option when dealing with wildlife that think you planted your tomatoes just for them. It’s a way to control the growing area and get the most of your little space.

Pot of surprise

Pot of surprise

I found this book basic (in a good way) with easy to follow instructions and again, the bounty of photos which I think most readers like to see in an instruction type book. And, similar to How to Grow Practically Everything, it is laid out in an easy to follow format with each project or topic covering a few pages. Essentially, the attraction is not having to read a novel to learn all about growing a berry or two.

kitchengardeningKitchen Gardening for Beginners

If the other books I received held a lot of photos, this one is a photo book and I mean that in a good way. The format of this book makes the photos the focal point with accompanying ‘how to’ info which I found made the reading fun!

I’m going to admit right off the bat that upon first glance,  I thought this book was about gardening in my kitchen. I really did. But of course it isn’t. Instead, it is a step by step guide on how to grow everything you need for your kitchen and cooking which I think many traditional gardeners would find interesting and consider it as a new project.

Growing everything:)

Growing everything:)

This is definitely a beginner ‘how to’ book that covers everything from your dirt prep, crops to plant, rotation of crops and more. It doesn’t assume you know anything, making it a thorough and one stop read. I think the section on trouble shooting is unique and something often omitted from other ‘how to’ gardening books.

I learned the most from this book as it’s an area that I had never explored much past planting a few herbs and tomatoes. The layout lends it to be useful as a reference to refer back to throughout the adventure of creating a kitchen garden.


You can check out DK Canada’s gardening boutique for a 30% off discount on these books!

Note: I was given these books free of charge in exchange for my review. The thoughts expressed here are my own.




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Getting Dirty In The Garden – A Review & Giveaway

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  1. VMChick says:

    Can’t wait to see your beautiful gardens this summer 🙂

  2. It would have to be a tie between mangos and beets. Sometimes, I have them both together in a salad. Yum!

    Great giveaway, thanks for hosting.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  3. Kyaw Sein says:

    Would like to see your beautiful garden.

  4. JulieR says:

    I planted my first vegetable garden last weekend, and am definitely a beginning in need of pointers. My favorite veggies are carrots (which I planted) and broccoli (which I didn’t). I’m just hoping the rabbits and deer won’t eat everything.

  5. Lola says:

    Mangos and beets! 🙂 I will have to try that Sarah! Ruth, come and help yourself anytime once things are ready! Before the deer do! We haven’t had problems with the wildlife yet Julie but never say never~!
    Perhaps we should all host mini garden tours online:)

  6. Dreena says:

    I love gardening so it is hard to pick a favourite. However, I love lilac bushes or trees as they smell so fragrant. As a favourite veggie, I like beets.

  7. Wanda Bergman says:

    My favourite fruit is apricots!

  8. candess phillips says:

    I love trying to grow tomatoes and my fav summer time fruit is cherries. I would like to try and grow a blueberry bush this year. DK books rock and these ones look excellent.

  9. I absolutely love peonies and hydrangeas. Both have such amazing blooms, I just love them. And the sweet smell of peonies, it’s no wonder ant like them! 😉 Peonies remind me of my Grandma.

  10. Laurie B says:

    My favourite fruits are watermelon and strawberries.

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