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Get Summer Started with DK Canada Books 

I know spring is not even half way over, but I am ready to fast forward to the hot and gorgeous days of summer! Kids will be out of school, and there will be plenty of time for everyone to have fun! DK Canada wants to help you get your summer started with their Star Wars and Summer Living book boutiques featuring some summer fun ideas for everyone in the family!

These are the books I received to review:


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Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know

Are you a Star Wars fanatic? Is there something about this galaxy far, far away that you did not know about? DK Canada has the perfect books for you, especially so close to the best holiday in the Star Wars universe: May the 4th! Find answers to your burning questions in Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know!


Ottawa Mommy Club DK Summer Star Wars Cover Photo


This book shares so many little tidbits of information about your favourite characters, regardless of which side of the Force you fight for. Find out the definition of a “Nerf Herder.” Learn a little Ewokeese. See how to defeat a buzz droid. No matter what your knowledge of the Star Wars universe you have, you will find something fun and amazing between the covers of this book! I had a lot of fun finding out so much more about Star Wars after visiting this book’s pages.


Ottawa Mommy Club DK Summer Star Wars Collage Photo


Sleepover Party

Summertime is the perfect time for kids to want to have their friends stay overnight. If your child wants to throw a rockin’ sleepover party, yet you are stuck for ideas on how to make this happen, then Sleepover Party is the book to have on hand to help!


Ottawa Mommy Club DK Summer Sleepover Party Cover Photo


This book gives readers inspiration for fun party themes, invites, décor, activities, snacks to serve and so much more!  There are step-by-step instructions on how to build and create different aspects of different party ideas. There are also cute and yummy party favors kids can make to keep the fun going all night long. This book is mostly geared towards girls, but with a bit of tweaking to some of the suggestions given, it can appeal to boys as well! I will be using some of these ideas for my little ones when they want to entertain their friends for a day or overnight fun.


Ottawa Mommy Club DK Summer Sleepover Party Collage Photo


The Beer Book

No that the warm weather is becoming more of a constant, patio season has begun! Is a cold, frothy beer your choice to enjoy, but want a new flavor for your palette? Start a list of new beers to sample and enjoy this summer with help from The Beer Book!


Ottawa Mommy Club DK Summer The Beer Book Cover Photo


I loved learning about different types of beer from around the world, its Alcohol By Volume (or ABV), and its colour and flavor. Travel lovers will love the beer maps of some of the most popular beer producing countries and where their breweries are located. There are also features of some of the more internationally known breweries, sharing its history and photos of their facilities. This book will surely help beer lovers find a few new favourite brews to sip on and love.


Ottawa Mommy Club DK Summer The Beer Book Collage Photo


Whether you would rather be in a different star system, being a part of a fun overnight party or sitting back and enjoying a frosty beer, these titles from DK Canada will have you forgetting about the drizzle of spring and have your ready to start summer off in a fun way!

For more information about DK Canada you can connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclosure: I have received books from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views expressed are my own.



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  1. My favourite book of all time is probably Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. I still think about that one and I read it about 15 years ago.

  2. I don’t have a favourite book, I’ve probably read thousands over the years. Sarah’s Key was great though

  3. I don’t have a favourite book either, I’m an avid reader and read practically everything I can lay my hands on 🙂

  4. My favourite book is the Bible. In terms of non-fiction, my favourite book is Flatland by Abbott! It’s a very interesting tale, where someone goes to “Flatland” (a 2-dimensional world) and tries to explain to everyone there what the third dimension. It is fun to try to wrap your head around how we would be like the flatlanders if there were a fourth dimension…

  5. I have way too many books that I can think of. How about my favourite as a child? That was the secret garden.

  6. Such a hard question but I’d have to say Room by Emma Donahue. I found it eye opening and oddly uplifting in the face of such atrocious, inexplicable circumstances.

  7. That is a really tough question. As a kid, I loved Amelia Bedelia and the Babysitters Club, as an adult, The Night Circus is at the top of my list.


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