Get Cooking this Summer with DK Canada Books #Reviews

Cooking food is an amazing activity we do to fuel our bodies and entertain our loved ones. Summer is an amazing opportunity to try new flavours, whether it is to improve yourself or to enjoy the season. DK Canada has a collection of cook books to help readers explore cooking this summer in fun new ways. They asked my family if we would enjoy some books to get cooking this summer and we were happy to check them out!

Get Cooking this Summer with DK Canada

Below are the books we received to get cooking this summer:

Get Cooking this Summer with DK Canada
DK Canada book covers.

Cooking on low (or no) temperature

We have been thinking about switching up some of the dishes we serve our family. My other half and I want our kids to try different kinds of food to tempt their tongues to enjoy new tastes. Raw Food shares 65 quick and easy vegan recipes where the food is not cooked above 118°F (or 48°C) in order to retain its nutrients.

Get Cooking this Summer with DK Canada
Raw Food book cover.

This book takes a fun and fresh approach to prepping raw meals. There are an array of recipes to enjoy throughout the day form breakfast to desserts. It is great to have the “Raw Food Kitchen Tips” and the “Raw Ingredients” sections at hand. They give more insight into the world of raw food preparation. The “Tip” section provides interesting tidbits to try each dish in a different way.

Get Cooking this Summer with DK Canada
Raw Food’s Spring Rolls with Ginger Dip section.

Protein powered cooking

One of my personal goals is to get back into shape. The food I put into my body helps to shape it to get me fit. The Fighter’s Kitchen has 100 muscle-burning, fat-burning recipes. This book guides readers to learn how their bodies work and to shape your body. 

Get Cooking this Summer with DK Canada
The Fighter’s Kitchen book cover.

I like how The Fighter’s Kitchen is laid out for readers to read. Each recipe has all of the important facts for each dish written in bold text for readers to see. The recipes are also have a few instructions to direct readers how to put each dish together. My favourite part of this book is that the nutritional facts per serving for each recipe. This allows readers to choose a recipe they know will benefit their workout goals the best.

Get Cooking this Summer with DK Canada
The Fighter’s Kitchen’s Ancient Grain Salad section.

Outdoor cooking

My family wants to spend some time in the great outdoors this summer. We want to mix things up with what we cook and serve in our outdoor kitchen. The Campfire Cookbook helps readers to create over 80 sweet and savory camping recipes for both new and experienced outdoor cooks.

Get Cooking this Summer with DK Canada
The Campfire Cookbook cover.

I like how this title is divided into different types of outdoor cooking experiences, from portable snacks to full meals. I am a fan of the simple and clean design of the layout of each recipe in this book. A feature I love is the “Useful Symbols” section. They help cooks choose the best recipes for them to try indifferent situations.

Get Cooking this Summer with DK Canada
The Campfire Cookbook’s Pan-Fried Pork and Beef with Mediterranean Vegetables section.

Learning new ways to get cooking this summer

All three titles we received from DK Canada are going to be getting us to cook up a storm this summer! I love how DK Canada has books on so many different ways of cooking to shake thing up in the kitchen whether it is in our home or outdoors. Learning new ways to cook also helps us grow and improve ourselves. These books will help us do just that!

Get Cooking this Summer with DK Canada
Get Cooking this Summer with DK Canada

Looking for new titles to get cookingthis summer? You can find more titles, like my family did, on DK Canada’s website! We also connected with them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received books from DK Canada to write this review. The views I share are my own.

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  1. The book that would get me cooking this summer is Let’s Get Tropical. It has ideas for summer drinks and has many no alcohol versions.

  2. Cooking Season by Season – Winter would get me cooking. We have had some cold days this past summer here so those days a book like this would give us some tasty choices to warm us up.


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