Gaze to the Stars and Beyond with DK Canada Books #Review

Gaze to the Stars and Beyond with DK Canada Books

The stars, planets, and other objects in space are sources of interest my family can’t get enough of! We love gazing towards the skies and wonder more about what is out there. DK Canada wants readers to learn more about our universe with their collection of amazing books to learn from. They asked us if we would like to have some books to help us increase our love of the universe. We could not wait to find out more about what lies beyond our Earth! 

Below are the titles we received to gaze to the stars and beyond this summer:

Gaze to the Stars and Beyond with DK Canada
Gaze to the Stars and Beyond with DK Canada

Learning what’s beyond Earth’s boundaries

My kids are adventurers. They ask so many questions about what lies beyond the borders of our Earth. Space: A Visual Encyclopedia helps readers explore space in a fun way. Beautiful photos, charts, stories, and interviews give young learners a look into what is waiting for us to explore in space.

Gaze to the Stars and Beyond with DK Canada
Space: A Visual Encyclopedia book cover.

Reading the “Birth of the Universe” section of Space was an eye-opener! I was amazed at how much happened within the three minutes of the beginning of our universe. This visual encyclopedia simply lays out how the universe went from a fraction of an atom to the size of our Milky Way. It was also interesting to learn about the important role particles like quirks and electrons play in building everything on our planet and beyond.

Gaze to the Stars and Beyond with DK Canada
“The birth of the universe” section of Space: A Visual Encyclopedia.

Travel beyond Earth’s borders

My littles are so interested in space travel. DK Eyewitness Books: Space Exploration gives readers answers to some of their questions about space technology. From weather prediction with satellites to a day in the life of an astronaut, this book gives a great foundation to learning about space travel.

Gaze to the Stars and Beyond with DK Canada
Space Exploration book cover.

We really loved finding out what is on the horizon for space travel with this book. It was great to learn about how scientists and businesses are trying to make space travel easier for astronauts and people. The idea of sailing across the universe on a sailcraft wowed me to the ingenuity of what is possible to get everyday people to see space. Seeing some of the plans for astronauts to explore Mars within the next few years is fascinating as well.

Gaze to the Stars and Beyond with DK Canada
“The way ahead” section of Space: A Visual Encyclopedia.

Constellations up close.

My family love star gazing. We can spend hours looking at constellations and where they are in the sky. I was really excited to get to read The Stars: The Definitive Visual Guide to the CosmosThis book shares 3D artworks of each constellation as well as beautiful imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope to provides a detailed map of the night sky.

Gaze to the Stars and Beyond with DK Canada
“Ursa Major” section of The Stars: The Definitive Visual Guide to the Cosmos.

Ursa Major is one of the most well-known constellations for star gazers to see at night. I was amazed at all of the celestial objects that make up this starry shape and the ones that exist around it. We also learned about the various types of stars that shine in our universe and how they are formed. What really floored us was learning about the many galaxies that can be seen from this one area of the sky. It made us really feel as though there is so much more to discover!

Gaze to the Stars and Beyond with DK Canada
“Ursa Major” section of The Stars: The Definitive Visual Guide to the Cosmos.

Gazing to the stars and beyond made fun

All three of these books from DK Canada increased my family’s love of everything space! We enjoyed learning more about what exists beyond our Earth with Space: A Visual Encyclopedia. Seeing how we travel to explore our universe is fun with DK Eyewitness: Space Exploration. Learning about celestial beings made them feel as though they are right in front of you with The Stars. We are happy to spend outdoors enjoying what we see at night with help from these titles DK Canada! 

Gaze to the Stars and Beyond with DK Canada
Gaze to the Stars and Beyond with DK Canada

Want more book ideas to help gaze to the stars this summer? You can find more titles, like my family did, on DK Canada’s website! We also connected with them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received books from DK Canada to write this review. The views I share are my own.

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  1. The Stars: The Definitive Visual Guide to the Cosmos.Would be an educational and helpful book when star gazing, especially when out camping and the stars ar so clear and vivid!

  2. an interesting book to learn from this summer would be … Birds of Canada , when camping there are so many interesting birds and the book could be very helpful!

  3. I have become almost obsessed with space and what is out there …my family would grow and learn, AND LOVE IT, with the DK Canada book, ‘ EYEWITNESS: Space Exploration’ ! The cover appears to b referencing Mars’s range rover as the ‘eyewitness’…pretty cool stuff!

  4. The Stars: The Definitive Visual Guide to the Cosmos would be the most interesting for my grandchildren I think.

  5. Since my grandchildren are going to Europe this summer I feel sure they’d much appreciate Stephen Biesty’s Cross-Sections Castle.

  6. Ask A Scientist sounds like an interesting book that I’d like to read, I expect a lot of new info in that book.

  7. The Space Race must be an interesting book, I did live through the time of Sputnik, landing on the moon eras so this would be especially of interest to me.

  8. How To Be A Coder would be a good book for my older grandchildren to learn new things from – they all love the electronic world.

  9. The Magic and Mystery of Trees would be a book I’d love to read and I’m sure my grandkids could learn a lot from it too.

  10. Stephen Biesty’s Cross-sections Castle would be a very interesting book for my grandchildren who will no doubt be seeing castles whilst in Europe.

  11. Incredible Cross Sections from Stephen Biesty would be another good book for my grandkids (and me too) to learn from

  12. The Sea Book is another interesting book, I’m sure there’s lots of info that I didn’t know and definitely my grandkids didn’t know.

  13. Star Wars Maker Lab would be a book my grandchildren would enjoy to learn about these 20 Craft and Science Projects.

  14. A very interesting book would be Where on Earth? Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life. We do have Drumheller not far away and it would be interesting to find out more.


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