Fun Day at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum #FireFightersDay #DoorsOpenOttawa

On Sunday June 8th, I had the pleasure to attend a family gathering at the Cumberland Museum.  It is always a treat for me to visit this museum.  Bonus, close to my home.  This time adding to my delight, the presence of Firemen demonstrating their activities, and showing the young and older, what is entitled with their territory: rescue missions, firefighting of course, hazardous materials,water rescue, loaded with demonstrations of their abilities.

Firefighter Day Cumberland Heritage Village Museum

For a fun family and educational activity, the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum is definitely the place to be.
The Ottawa Mommy Club will be celebrating its 3rd Anniversary on June 29th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at this museum, why not take this opportunity to attend this event, bring your lunch and have a great time with your family. Free tickets to the museum are still available.

Cumberland Heritage Village Museum

Location: 2940 Old Montreal Road, Cumberland, Ontario

Telephone: 613-833-3059

See you there.


Firemen enjoying a fun day

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  1. Doors Open is such a neat weekend and we were so happy to be here for it! We learned so much at the Ottawa Traffic Centre and the Ottawa Citizen tours. AMazing places! We plan on visiting Cumberland Heritage Museum tomorrow for your party! Can’t wait!

  2. What a neat place! I bet kids would love seeing the firetrucks and gear! I still remember my visit to our local fire hall as a seven-year-old…

  3. I so wanted to come to the anniversary party – this looks like a great time too! I will have to put this on my calendar for next year!

    • You will have the opportunity to attend this event hopefully next year. OMC organizes many events of interest, such as their anniversary party. Fun event to attend also. Thank you for your comment. Christine.

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