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On Saturday November 7th, I got to test my parking skills with the 2015 Ford Edge at the Canadian Space and Aviation Museum. I’ll have to admit I was a little nervous, I drive a small hatchback and with the added pressure of sitting next to professional driver watching me I didn’t want to look like a bad driver. Parking isn’t my strongest driving skill, so I was very interested in seeing first hand how the Park-Assist and the new technology works in real life. 


2015 Ford Edge


I got to drive this sharp looking made in Canada 2015 Ford Edge (picture above) for my challenge. Previous models of the Ford Edge were available with active parking assist, but the system and other technologies have been updated for the 2015 model. Some of the new and improved features are the 180 degree front camera – perfect for avoiding kids toys left in the driveway, an enhanced active park assist (which not only assists in parallel parking, but also perpendicular parking!) and side parking sensors.  The new enhanced active parking assist is one of many semi-automated feature in the Edge and will help to make parking safer and easier than ever.


2015 Ford Edge Parellel Park Assist


Turns out I was nervous for no reason, the park-assist was so easy to use. Once I found a spot, I put it in reverse, took my hands off the wheel and let the Edge do the rest. It was amazing to watch the Edge perpendicular park by itself, which is a feature I would definitely use often if I had it. 


2015 Ford Edge Backup Camera


I passed the 2015 Ford Edge parking challenge with flying colours! So if you are “parking challenged” or just want to have an easier way to do it, the enhanced technology and the park-assist will make it safer and simpler. 

Andrew @AndrewWBradley

Andrew W Bradley
Andrew is a licensed Life Insurance Broker and Registered Retirement Consultant-RRC® helping Ottawa families since 2011. Awards : 2017 -Handpicked Top 3 Financial Services in Ottawa, 2017 Faces Magazine Awards – Ottawa’s Favorite Financial Advisor, 2017 Feedspot Top 40 Life Insurance Blogs on the web and 2016 Insurance Business Magazine – Life & Health Advisor of the Year Finalist.

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  1. What a marvellous feature this indeed is. I’d love to have one of these, though parking isn’t really a problem for me, it’s more pedestrians who simply walk passed the back of my car, often to their own cars (or cars too of course) whilst I’m trying to back out safely. I find it incredible that people do this, I personally always stop if I’m on foot and let the person back out safely – this is safest for both of us. 🙂

  2. We drive Ford’s but have yet to check out/have the park assist feature. I think I would like it because I hate parallel parking!

  3. I hate parallel parking and need all the help I can get. Great feature, I wonder if a new driver taking his/her test to get their license would be allowed to use this feature (lol)


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