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| January 28, 2013 | 1 Comment

I’m a failed blogger. I have been blogging for over ten years, but just as my first blog became popular I deleted it because I found myself questioning if the content was right for public consumption.  Since then my blogs have been lacking in depth and were barely distinguishable from thousands of other blogs. Nonetheless I have a love affair with blogs. There are some great blogs with information that can unwittingly create support networks for people who may have otherwise felt alone. A great blog can assure people that they are not alone in their illness, condition, situation, lifestyle, or at any particular moment in the day. Whether someone is looking for a recipe, a book to read, activities in their community, advice on breastfeeding or even just something to browse through in the loneliness of the night, I guarantee there is a great blog out there waiting to be read.

Someone once asked me why blogs matter. Blogs matter because great writers who may nIBlogAt_250px_whiteot otherwise have been published can have their voice heard. In turn their opinions, research and engagement create conversation on topics that otherwise may not have been openly discussed. When a blogger is passionate about what their blog can do for its readers it shows in the content of their posts, their advertisers and crosses over to their social networks.  One of the most passionate bloggers I know is PhD in Parenting. Although I may not always agree with her point of view, her content is well thought out, researched and her beliefs transcend to her advertisers and through to her engagement on social networks, such as Twitter.

Blogs are creating online networks and communities for people with mental illnesses, new moms, struggling parents, divorcees, people with a love of food, people with a love of fast food, people who love coffee – in essence, blogs are becoming a medium in which people know there are other people in the world who share their frustrations, loves, sadness or sense of humour. Sometimes these online communities can even turn into real life friendships.

It is my love of blogs and what they can do for people that made me want to give it one more shot, but this time in the company of other people who share my love and also have a blog themselves.  Please make sure to check out all the wonderful Ottawa Mommy Club bloggers and while my blog will not contain anything controversial or overly topical, it will contain a laugh or two and a recipe here or there. My blog will let people know there is always an upside to life.


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In addition to being a freelance writer and blogger, Tracy is a virtual assistant specializing in marketing and communication at She is also a devoted mother to an imaginative daughter and wife to her best friend of more than fifteen years. In her spare time she enjoys baking, kayaking, snowshoeing, walking her energetic Australian Shepherd, and cuddling with her perpetually grumpy cat. Depending on the time of day, Tracy's downtime is spent with a good book and hot cup of fair trade coffee or a glass of Canadian red wine.

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  1. Kamerine says:

    So true, Tracy, blogs are important. I look forward to reading your posts.

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