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Aysha and Nina 2-35N’s father and I both moved into separate places in the east end of Ottawa about a month and a half ago. In the matter of one weekend, poor N had two new homes, plus a new daycare. That sure is a lot of change for a little two year old to deal with all at once.

We had interviewed many daycare providers – we were pretty determined to find a French speaking, or at least a bilingual one. We settled on one who we thought was very nice. When N went there for the first time, her dad told me afterwards that drop off was a breeze. I was so happy to hear that! However, when I picked her up, not only the first day, but almost every single day after that, she seemed to be so overwhelmed, anxious and so happy to see me that she’d run over to me crying. That’s understandable to some degree, but the crying didn’t stop for another 45 minutes. N’s dad experienced it too. Every night and often more than once each night. N’s father and I were terribly worried. We didn’t get much feedback from the daycare except that she was great all day. We discussed N’s unhappy state a LOT and assumed that it would get better, that the adjustment of all the new places was just too much for N all at once. Unfortunately, it didn’t get better. Basically, when we would drop off or pick up N we were faced with screams, crying and temper tantrums. We knew she was two years old – so the “terrible two’s” could be to blame. However, we started to wonder if perhaps the daycare we chose simply wasn’t a good fit. Not that she was mean, or mistreating the kids, but perhaps N needed a different environment.

Both N’s father and I began to research other daycare options and found one that was trilingual – English, French and Spanish and was central to where he was planning to buy a house and where I was. She had Early Childhood Education and was going to open up a daycare the following month. We met her a couple of times and thought she was wonderful. She was very gentle, understanding of N’s special needs as a little one going through her parents’ separation and accommodating.

N started her new daycare this week and it has already been a world of a difference. Her father dropped her off the first morning and I dropped her off the second day. Both drop offs went really well – no tears whatsoever. Picking up N was also quite drama-free. N often asks for “daddy” when she’s with me, and asks for “Mommy” when she’s with her daddy, and this happened with a few tears at pick-up time the one day. However, she also seemed to be coming down with a cold, so considering the circumstances, her tears were short-lived. It has been such a relief to bring home a smiling Bean when I had become so accustomed to her screams and cries that would break my heart.

It’s been wonderful to see my old N back to her happy, playful self and I really am so proud of her father and I for working together for N’s best interest. We listened to our guts, our intuition and took a chance. It was pretty risky changing N’s daycare yet AGAIN – it was just one more change she had to endure – but we also knew her reaction at the other daycare, and continuing all the way home and into the night, simply wasn’t normal. We took that chance and so far so good. It is still pretty early to say for sure, but we have definitely seen positive signs so far. It really taught me a lesson to trust my intuition, not just with N but with everything.

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