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| December 28, 2012
Salsa Tots – Latin Groove for Kids on the Move!®Go from goo-goo, ga-ga to cha-cha-cha! Designed for older babies who have outgrown the carrier and are ready to dance on their own two feet! This parent-and-tot class is full of fun, tropical songs and steps for toddlers up to 3-years. Parents get active modeling actions for their children and promoting physical activity for the whole family. Children learn dance and movement concepts while singing, playing and using their imagination in an open and safe environment. This program is also suitable for nursery schools, daycare facilities and birthday parties.Dancing Mama
Salsa Babies – Latin Beat for Tiny Feet!®Salsa Babies® is a dance class that helps new moms get back in shape with the best little partners of all – their babies! With little ones snuggled into baby carriers, moms learn popular Latin dances while babies shake maraca rattles and bounce along to the Salsa beat! Classes are appropriate for babies approximately 6-8 weeks of age and up, as long as moms are comfortable supporting the baby in a carrier for the duration of the class (45-minutes). All levels of fitness and dance experience are welcome. Baby carriers are required.Dancing Mama
Salsa Kids – Sing, dance, smile, fiesta style!™Designed for school-aged children, Salsa Kids™ gets little ones playing games, singing songs and dancing along to our unique Salsa Beat. Featuring original songs by Ricky Franco, kids experiment with tempo and rhythm, learn the basic steps to popular Latin dances and have fun using their imagination. Knowledge of different cultures and genres of music is explored and an introduction to Spanish vocabulary is encouraged through song, dance and celebration!Dancing Mama
Salsa Bellies - It’s a real kick!Sway your hips and celebrate your “bump” in this low-impact yet lively dance class. A great way to stay active and feel sexy throughout pregnancy, you’ll meet other moms-to-be and enjoy comparing notes about the journey of motherhood. Specifically designed with prenatal considerations in mind, the class includes a warm-up and instruction of basic Latin dance steps followed by floor exercises to help prepare the body, mind, and spirit for labour and delivery. Gentle rocking helps create an association between movement, music and a happy Mama. All levels of fitness and dance experience are welcomeDancing Mama
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Strollersize Walk, jog or run your way to fitness by working out with your baby, whether in the stroller, a carrier...or your tummy! FREE Boomerang Kids- Various Locations

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