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Hello! I’m delighted to be included on one of the best sites this glorious city has to offer for moms!

As a working mom to 3.5 year-old “Little Man” and wife of 8 years to “Big Man”, as well as working for a wonderful organization, I will be writing about life as a working mom, providing nutritious and healthy meals for a picky kid and an equally picky husband, and probably (if I know myself), going off on the occasional rant about this and that.

I love being a wife and mom – those are the most important things I’ve done and the most important roles I’ve played – but like so many other mommies, I try not to let those be the only things that define me. I was a well-rounded person before they came along – and for their sake and for mine, I need to keep that up. But it’s a struggle. It’s easy to get wrapped up in it all – because it’s so gratifying. But, I really believe that I’m a better mom and wife when I’m a whole person unto myself, too.

Now, if I could just get 28 hours into a day – or survive on less sleep.

That’s what takes me to today’s post.

I recently had what I call a “tender” day. Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, I got about 2 hours sleep. I have a pretty demanding job and our family’s morning routine can be chaotic. I have to get Little Man dressed and ready, then make him breakfast while Big Man gets ready for work. Big Man then sits with Little Man while I get ready for work. Then, it’s a scramble to drop off Big Man at his work, drop off Little Man at daycare and get to work myself.

On 2 hours sleep – it sometimes seems unmanageable.

I call these “tender” days, because I have to remind myself that, on little sleep, if people look at me sideways, I’m liable to chew their heads off (not appropriate), or burst into tears (equally not appropriate). Also, it’s a “tender” day, because I need to cut myself some slack. I need to find my desk and work on things that require less interaction than others (hard to do in the communications game) and buckle down – even if it’s just for a little while. It just needs to be long enough to make me feel competent again. I need to be tender – with myself and with everyone else – if I’m going to get by unscathed.

So, I managed to get everyone where they were supposed to be and made it into the office. The morning routine that day meant that breakfast was an impossibility at home – and I needed food to get through.

There was a time when copious amounts of coffee would be the order of the day. I’m older now, and with my nutritional knowledge and life experience, I’ve learned something: Too much coffee on an already-tired body does no good to anyone – especially not myself. Protein, reasonable carbs and fruit – now, there’s the way to start.

Here’s what I did: Before I left, I packed my microwave egg poacher (you should get one), half a multl-grain bagel and a handful of cherries.

Came in, switched on the computer, jetted over to the lunchroom, poached my eggs, toasted my half bagel (which I had with a slice of Swiss cheese) and plopped my cherries onto the plate. It was pretty. And tasty. And exactly what I needed.

Keeping myself as low-key as possible, I managed to get through the day with little consequence from my unsettled night. I don’t think I could have done it without my nutritious start.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it’s even more important when you’re having a “tender” day.

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Mommy Hen (Lisa) is a mommy to 4-year old “Little Man” and has been married to “Big Man” for 8 years. She also serves as Manager of Communications for Chicken Farmers of Canada, as well as being a Certified Crisis Management Consultant. She is deeply rooted in both professional and community theatre, as well, working as a theatre and music director for various theatre companies across Ottawa and having recently served as Chair of the Ottawa Fringe Festival. Mommy Hen is passionate about giving her family healthy, nutritious meals – quite a feat with a fussy son and a husband whose tastes have historically been pretty narrow. She’s also passionate about being an involved mom – meaning a constant struggle not to helicopter, but to be available, accessible and supportive of the village of teachers, daycare providers and other professionals that help her son be the best Little Man he can be.

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  1. Theresa Spencer says:

    Mommy Hen rocks!

  2. Karen K says:

    Can we have tender months? Years? Because my blanket and tv remote are calling…

  3. Lola says:

    Thanks for a great read. LOVE the term ‘tender day’ and may use it:)

  4. Mommy Hen says:

    Thanks for the support, all. It’s a great pleasure to be here! Use the term “tender day” all you wish. And tender months and years are always a good thing! 🙂

  5. kathy downey says:

    I have a feeling they will hear me saying “tender day”

  6. kathy downey says:

    Reading this again and have to say there have been many “tender day” in my life.

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