Finding the Right Trainer to Help you Shed your Baby Weight

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Shedding your baby weight can be daunting and a personal trainer can help you reach your goals. But how do you find the trainer that’s right for you? “The right chemistry is crucial,” says Nathalie Lacombe, Director of Certification with Can-Fit-Pro. If you don’t like your trainer, you won’t want to spend time in the gym.

While clicking is essential, you need someone with the skills to help you lose your baby weight safely. “Best-case scenario, working with a bad trainer is a waste of money,” says Stacy Irvine, MSc, co-founder of Totum Life Science in Toronto. You don’t get results and it can make you feel bad about yourself. But worst-case scenario can lead to injury. Do your homework to protect your body from inexperienced trainers.

Finding the Right Personal Trainer for your Needs

The best way to find a good trainer is through word of mouth. “Find someone with a similar mindset and ask them about their trainer,” says Stacy Irvine, MSc, co-founder of Totum Life Science in Toronto. Talk to other moms who have lost their baby weight and see how they did it.

Once you’ve found a trainer you think you’d like to work with, ask for an interview. Most trainers will offer this for free.

Ideally you want an active person with a diverse background, so start by asking your would-be trainer about their fitness history. Then, talk about their clientele. Ask if they’ve ever worked with anyone post-pregnancy. What is the most weight they have helped a client shed?

“Don’t discriminate based on the age of your trainer,” says Irving. Personal trainers charge based on experience so getting a trainer that’s fresh out of university can pay off.

There are young trainers who specialize in getting your pre-baby body back. Just because someone’s never had a baby doesn’t mean they don’t know how to work with post-pregnancy clients.

Ask what their most common clientele is and what they have done with other clients who have had babies. Ask your trainer about their continuing education. Some young trainers won’t be a fit for post-pregnancy weight-loss, but others may work out perfectly.

Quiz your potential trainer on their goals for you. Be wary of any trainer that promises too much, too soon. Unrealistic weight-loss expectations are the first sign of an inexperienced trainer. Irving also warns to be wary of celebrity trainers. “Becoming a celebrity trainer is mostly about being in the right place at the right time,” says Irvine. “Someone will say ‘I train Halle Barry’ and charge $200 an hour. It doesn’t mean they’re worth it.” Ask yourself if you care if your doctor treats celebrities. Choose your trainer on their merits, not their celebrity roster.

Once you’ve found a trainer that’s a good fit, sign up for a few trial sessions. “Don’t commit to anything up front,” says Irvine. You need to learn more about who you will be training with and decide whether they’re the right fit for you. Then, if you’re happy, commit to a larger package.

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  1. Ashley Parks says:

    This is great advice for finding someone to help me shed the baby weight after baby #2! I tried by myself to lose weight after my kiddo #1, but really struggled! It would be great to not only have someone to help me know how to best/effective lose the weight, but also to give encouragement. 🙂

  2. Ashley Morrissey says:

    Great advice! Thank the stars I didn’t need a personal trainer with my first but this would have helped!

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