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| February 14, 2013 | 7 Comments

Valentine’s Day


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Celebrations are in gear, mommy and daddy are lovingly exchanging glances, flowers, chocolates, even a good meal at home or at the restaurant.  What about children?  Where do they fit in this event?  After all they are the result of their parents love, just making a funny remark.  Actually, family ties are very important.  Children will repeat what is being done at home, not said, but shown to them as what love is all about.  Parents are busy with living their lives, children have time to watch and see how love is shared and who with. This is were grand-parents have an interesting role.  Be there to give time, love and share activities with them.

It does not take long for me, just a few days and I miss my daughter and her family very quickly.  There is an emptiness that lovingly they fill in just by their presence.  Seeing them grow-up, entering their world just opens my heart with delight.  Their time is so different from mine, where color T.V. was new, never mind internet and all the gadgets we have now.  But one thing does not change, LOVE.  Grand-parents have time to share, understand, listen and love.

Adopt a grand-parent and give him/her a chance to get closer to your children.  May we should think about adoption, well you know, there is child adoption, why not a grand-parent willing to give a relief moment to parents.  Who knows this may open avenues…


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I am a grand-parent interested in family relationships, consciousness, decor, books, movies. Unpublished author, who loves to write and expand knowledge about all that may bring peace of mind - meditation, exercise - exchange of views and opinions on what matter most in life. Love, respect and growth, harmony, friendship and understanding changes that we all face in this very important life patterns.

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  1. 1 Lucky Mom says:

    Thanks for sharing mom! We miss you too and enjoy having your drop by and spend quality time with us:)

  2. kathy downey says:

    Awe,I know the feeling

  3. kathy downey says:

    The quietness can be so empty when they leave

    • Christine says:

      Enjoying time spent with children and grand children is so special. As we grow older, this is more important than anything else, as we know that what is left behind is our families and what what we take with us , is the love we share and will continue to share. Thank you for your. Moments. P.S. . Remember children grow up fast, time is passing by quickly, one turn they start school, then high school followed by university , start work and they have left home. All the noise, chatter, getting up during the night, all that will be memories stored in your heart and sold.

  4. kathy downey says:

    When my kids were small every occassion was all about them,doing crafts,baking cookies setting up dinners that included their friends.Now they are groen up and on their own we can enjoy our own time.

  5. Christine says:

    When children grow up remains the wonderful time spent with them. Wish you all your memories are great and close to your heart.

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I must admit that having 7 children does help to spread out these feelings. When the first left home there were still the younger 6 to look after and play with. Then one day they were mostly gone but every now again someone would come home to live again for a few months or years. I have one back with me now 🙂 My nephew is also moving back home to his mum with his family (for 3 yrs) whilst he gets his PhD.

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