It’s All About Family in “Mommy Needs The Potty” Book Review

| November 19, 2015 | 9 Comments

Being a parent can be such an adventure. You can find yourself in so many different situations with your kids, both at home and while you are on-the-go. There are those times when the ho-hum of an everyday errand or outing turns into a crazy situation. Jenn Greschner wrote about these sudden situations in a book entitled Mommy Needs The Potty.


Mommy Needs The Potty


Mommy Needs The Potty is about a six year-old boy who tells readers about how errands and outings with his mom turn into emergency trips to the potty from his perspective. I was able to relate with this story since I have been on both sides of the fence where this family is concerned. I have been the mom who has had to drop everything to go to the bathroom, and I remember being the kid with my mom in this situation as well.

I liked this story! It was fun, playful, and I liked how Greschner wrote this story from the viewpoint of a child. So much more imagination can be used when seeing the world through the eyes of a child, and it is done well in this book. I also like that this book shows a clever and helpful son who likes to help his mother when she needs it during these memorable moments.


 Mommy Needs The Potty


The illustrations in Mommy Needs The Potty are beautiful to look at. Khoiruunis R.F brought a lot to live with the choices of colours used in each of the illustrations. It is bright and cheery, and a joy to look at. I really loved how the characters were drawn as well. They have the right balance of looking not too cartoon-like, but not too realistic. They add to the magic of this book. My younger children loved looking through this book and seeing the funny expressions on the mother’s face. These pages were their favourites!


Mommy Needs The Potty


Overall, Mommy Needs The Potty is a great read! It is fun, genuine, and is easily for anyone in your family to relate to. The book is also really gorgeous to read, so kids who are not able to read can really follow what is happening in the book without having to be read to. This book is about family, the memories they create and how its members look out for one another. It warmed my heart a well as those of my kids!


Mommy Needs The Potty


To find out more about Mommy Needs The Potty, you can visit the website, or you can connect with Jenn Greschner on her Facebook  and Twitter pages!

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Disclaimer: I was compensated and received a copy of Mommy Needs The Potty in order to write this review. The views expressed are my own.



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  1. Holly O'Gorman says:

    All the time! When Im out, it’s fine but the second my key hits the front door, look out! My daughter knows I have to go asap and let’s me run past. Even in the house sometimes I need to run, all thanks to my lovely daughter! She was only 5lbs5oz when she was born too, would hate to think what a ten pound baby would’ve done to me!

  2. Carole Dube says:

    I kind of had to drop the potty to run after my son. I was at the Airport with my 3 and 4 year old. I had to use the potty and brought them both in the stall with me. MY 4 year old son decided to go under the door and leave. Well I couldn’t finish and had to run after him with my 3 year old. It was scary.

  3. Silvia D says:

    those moments always seemed to happen after kids are buckled in and we are on the road..even after many times asking if they have to go before we leave the house. Then the rush to find a place for them to go is on.

    • Kim D'Angelo says:

      Lets be honest…our post babies bladders just aren’t what they used to be. My kids know, if momma has to pee we are high tail’n it too the closest loo.

  4. Steph Bkn says:

    Oh, just started potty training my son and had this brilliant idea to take him on a crazy busy Sat to Ikea. Wow, no we didn’t make it to the washroom in time and lesson learned, need to pack extra clothes. Talk about a rookie!

  5. leana says:

    My daughter has a steel bladder and seems to be able to hold going to the potty for hours…except on roadtrips! On roadtrips she insists on stopping for an emergency potty along the side of the road multiple times!

  6. Margaret H says:

    I think this would be a great book ,show mothers are just like kids and help with the potty training

  7. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    how about right after you put the kids in their snowsuits and boots . . . thats what happened to me

  8. Tricia Hope says:

    Ever since birthing my first kidlet this is me ALL OF THE TIME!I got a seat belt ticket because the pressure of the belt was too much to bear.My 3 year old daughter at the time found this HYSTERICAL!

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