Excitement and Learning for All at The Ottawa Children’s Festival

One sign that spring has arrived for our family is when we attend the Ottawa Children’s Festival. We are always excited to see what will be in store for us with our annual visits. We are never disappointed with the world class performers that this festival attracts every year. It was their 31st year of entertaining kids young and old.

The Ottawa Children’s Festival

Excitement and Learning for All at The Ottawa Children’s Festival


Once we were in our seats, we eagerly waited for the show to begin. After some opening remarks, the show was ready to begin!

Ottawa Mommy Club Ott Kids Fest Pre Show Photo

We watched Australia’s RAW Metal Company perform. They combine traditional tap dance with original street rhythms and amazing athleticism to create a fun and interactive performance. Throughout their performance, the audience was either clapping or grooving along in their seats as these gentlemen danced to fun pop music.

Excitement and Learning for All at The Ottawa Children’s Festival

During parts of their routine, they had fun with the audience, poking fun at each other, or getting us involved with amusing audience participation bits. The kids really enjoyed being a part of the fun!

Ottawa Mommy Club Ott Kids FestRaw Metal Fun Collage Photo


Tap dancing is a hard enough skill to learn, but these performers stepped it up a notch by taking off their tap shoes and dancing in different foot gear! They sported flip-flops and flippers during the performance and it was great! Check out the video below to see some moving flipper dancing!



RAW Metal Company sure didn’t miss a beat during this performance! They kept everyone engaged and singing and laughing along while they performed for us! It was loud and fun; it was just the kind of performance my kids love attending!

There were so many other features the Ottawa Children’s Festival had to wow and delight visitors this year! Probably one of the best structures this event has showcased was the 3000 ft² dotMaze! It was designed by UK street theatre specialist dotComedy, and is filled with twists and turns filled with adventure and live performances for all ages to enjoy!  Visitors were able to wander through this interactive labyrinth to discover the Minotaur or find their way into the story for a picnic with Peter and Jane. There is no right path to follow, so no two journeys will be the same!

Excitement and Learning for All at The Ottawa Children’s Festival

The free 100 Watt Earth Stage was another fabulous feature the Ottawa Children’s Festival offered it visitors this year. It gave local youth the opportunity to display original work to audiences of all ages. Visiting children are inspired by their peers, and in turn are free to create art that becomes incorporated into the stage’s design.

In addition to theatre, music performances and acting workshops, this year’s programming includes the “Letters to Attawapiskat” display—words of support and sympathy from elementary school children in Ottawa to students in Attawapiskat. Originating from a pen pal project between Lady Evelyn Alternative School and Kattawapiskak Elementary School, the display documents the way children build bonds of empathy and inspiration that cross barriers of distance and culture.

There was so much for guests of the 31st Ottawa Children’s Festival to become excited about and to learn! The dotMaze kept its travelers on its toes, the performances engaged all who attended, and the artwork produced and displayed by young artists inspired others to want to dream big! This festival is like no other in the province of Ontario, and I am so happy to be able to show my children how powerful and magical the arts can be.

For more information about the Ottawa Children’s Festival, you can connect with them on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Disclaimer: I received tickets to attend an evening at the Ottawa Children’s Festival in order to write this review. The views expressed are my own.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful article with regards to the Children’s Festival in Ottawa. As the creator of the 100 Watt Earth Stage, it is glorious to receive such appreciation for something we are so committed to.
    Kristina Watt
    100 Watt Productions

  2. The Ottawa Children’s Festival sounds like it was good fun and enjoyed by all. I love the fact that this is really all about children.


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