ECCO Boots: Making Playing in Winter More Cozy and Fun! #Review and #Giveaway ~ CAN 01/12

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It is now officially winter, and with it comes an abundance of cold and snow.  Being a mom of two kids under the age of three always makes me nervous when it comes to making sure my little ones are bundled up enough against the chill of winter, especially their little tootsies.  Each year, my partner and I rack our brains searching for  the best brand of boots to buy to make sure their feet do not freeze. I was very happy to have the opportunity to review a pair of ECCO’s Biom Hike Kids boots for our little guy to see if their boots would keep his toes nice and warm.

ECCO makes shoes and boots for the whole family to wear and enjoy!  For 48 years, ECCO is a family company that aims to make high quality boots and shoes that are also casual and fit well on a person’s feet.  ECCO also likes to have the products it uses to make its boots and shoes come from its own tanneries and factories, then sold from ECCO shops worldwide, making it a leader in this industry.

ECCO Product Collage

As most young children go, my little guy hates getting into his outdoor clothes in the winter because it takes so long to put on layer after layer of clothing before getting to play outside.  It is like wrestling an alligator when putting on his winter boots because we would have to hold him down while shoving his feet into each boot.  With ECCO’s winter boots for children, it was easy for me to slip his feet into each boot with the help of their “speedlaces” and well-secured lace eyelets.  The GORE-TEX® lining and textile interior helped to keep his feet warm and dry while playing in four foot high winter wonderland of a backyard.  He even found these boots easy to walk in.  The soles of these boots had PU/rubber injected into them to cushion his step, as well as underfoot shanks to help support his arch and protect his foot against heavy impacts.

ECCO Outside Collage

Overall, my little guy enjoyed wearing ECCO’s Biom Hike Kids boots.  They were easy to put on and keep on, he was playing and having fun, as these boots were not clunky, and his feet were warm and supported.  They were even easy to pull off once it was time to go back inside.  I would recommend these boots from ECCO to anyone who was still on the hunt for a good winter boot for their child!

Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products to sample.  All opinions are honest and my own.


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  1. Holly Wright says:

    ECCO SAUNTER KIDS – 72705201001

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Ecco are my shoe of choice, all my good shoes are Ecco. Very, very good quality and long lasting. I’ve had some of my Ecco shoes for 10 yrs and they are still in perfect condition, not likely to happen with children but still a superb choice for children too. The boots I’d choose would be the ECCO SNOWRIDE – 75102151707 for

  3. Darwin says:

    I like the ECCO SNOWBOARDER boots!

  4. Brenda A says:

    Love the girls ECCO NEELA. Those are super cute and warm looking!

  5. tracy varty says:

    great giveaway! my favourite is: ECCO MIMIC – 750231

  6. Lisa C. says:

    Ecco Snowride in black.

  7. Jen S says:

    Snow ride please!

  8. midgeknows says:

    ECCO ABELONE was super cute

  9. Jonnie says:

    I like the boys ECCO Snowboarder best

  10. Julie Bolduc says:

    Ecco Snowride in black

  11. Lori Jackson says:

    ECCO SNOWBOARDER – looks amazing!

  12. Fan R says:

    I like ECCO SNOWRIDE – 75102151707

  13. Adora for me and snowrider for kids

  14. caryn s says:

    My son likes the ECCO SNOWBOARDER boots for boys.

  15. Juliee says:

    ECCO SNOWBOARDER would be great for one of the boys

  16. Karla Sceviour says:

    I like the ECCO NEELA girls

  17. Tara E says:

    wondering why this is only open to Ottawa area residents? is it pick-up only? please let me know if i’m able to enter – i’m in Manitoba. thx.

  18. lisa bolduc says:

    I like the ECCO SNOWRIDE in black for my son

  19. susanne mccarthy says:

    ECCO Snowride….ONTARIO

  20. Pam says:

    ECCO NEELA boots look great!

  21. Valerie Darsigny says:

    I love the GIRLS JADE – 724582 for my daugher 🙂

  22. Michelle B says:

    I’d like the Boys Ecco Junior Dublin shoes in black for my son!

  23. Florence C says:


  24. These ECCO LITE INFANTS – 752561 are adorable!

  25. michelle says:

    ECCO SNOWBOARDER – 72112258157 – these are amazing. I wonder If I could get my feet in them, lol.

  26. kristen visser says:


  27. I like the ECCO NEELA – 72604358203.

  28. Tina L. says:


  29. I love ECCO. They always have quality products. I really like the ECCO Lite Infants boot in grey. They’d be perfect for my niece.

  30. David Roy says:

    Jogga Kids looked really nice!

  31. Saima says:

    ECCO Snowride in Black would be perfect for my son!

  32. Jen W says:


  33. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    ECCO SNOWRIDE – 75102151707 for
    $120.00 is my choice

  34. Erin W says:

    I’d love the ECCO BIOM TRAIN KIDS boots for my daughter

  35. Sharonne Katz says:

    Jogga Kids

  36. Marianne says:

    I like the ECCO SNOW RUSH

  37. Laurie P says:

    I love the ECCO lite infants boots

  38. Emily L says:

    I love the Neela boots for girls!

  39. Jennifer says:

    Love the ECCO TRACE GTX

  40. Angela Mitchell says:

    I’d love the ECCO BIOM TRAIN KIDS Boots.

  41. Anna W says:

    I would choose the Ecco Snowboarder boots for my son.

  42. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    I love the ECCO SNOWBOARDER – 72112258157 for my son!

  43. Nena Sinclair says:

    I like the Ecco Snoride Kids Boots!

  44. Sarah Stickney says:


  45. francine says:

    ECCO SNOWRIDE – 75102151707

  46. andie says:

    …probably the “ECCO SNOWBOARDER boots.” My son could use them.

  47. Heidi C. says:

    The Neela boots for girls would be great!

  48. ECCO HOBART – 31041301001

  49. angela m says:

    I like the ECCO SAUNTER KIDS YOUTH – 72703358176


  50. Sarah R says:

    I love the ECCO JOGGA KIDS in fushia!

  51. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I like the SIBERIA KIDS – 761522

  52. Lucy says:


  53. Amy C says:


  54. Sambogi says:

    I’d get the ECCO snowrider for my son…although I’d rather get ECCO Abelone for me 🙂

  55. Tina F says:

    GIRLS JADE – 724582 I think are great as they look warm they are high enough up the leg and stylish as well

  56. Cassie Fancy says:

    I love the ECCO NEELA

  57. Angie says:

    I like the Ecco neela – very cute!

  58. SweetPanda says:

    I like the ECCO JOGGA KIDS – 72656258022

  59. SweetPanda says:

    My daughter said she likes the ECCO NEELA – 72604358204

  60. Jennifer L. says:

    I really like the ECCO SNOWRIDE – 75102151707
    for boys in black.

  61. Katy Emanuel says:

    I like the winter queen it looks great for deep snow

  62. Stacy says:

    The Ecco Strider for my son!

  63. jan says:

    the ECCO BENDIX JUNIOR – 73500302053

  64. Brandee H says:

    I would love a pair of the boys ECCO snowboarder boots for my son.

  65. SueSueper says:


  66. Olivia says:

    I love the Siberia kids boots.

  67. Nicky says:

    i like ECCO MIMIC – 750151

  68. Alison says:

    The purple ECCO LITE INFANTS – 752561 would be great for my 2 year old niece.

  69. Beth Gallinger says:

    I like the ECCO LITE INFANTS boots.

  70. Francisca Ramos says:

    I like the ECCO SNOWRIDE – 75102151707 for my 3 year old son.

  71. Darci says:

    love the echo saunter kids boot!

  72. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    I’d choose ECCO SNOWBOARDER – 72106258210 for my son. We like the low-top tennis shoe, but it’s not available in his sixe.

  73. Larissa V says:

    I like the ecco snowride!

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