5 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy & Active this Holiday Season

If you’re anything like me, trying to stay healthy can seem like such a chore during the holiday season with temptations seemingly looming around every corner! It’s so difficult to resist those seasonal holiday coffees and treats when you know they’re only going to be around for a limited time! Not to mention that busy holiday schedules can make it feel almost impossible to maintain even the simplest healthy routines. Combined with our chilly Canadian winters, staying home and cuddling up under a blanket by the fire with that perfect cup of hot chocolate always seems to be the better option.

So what’s the solution? Consider keeping a list of your top health goals for the winter. Start with a more achievable goal to give you the boost you need to stay motivated! Don’t let winter keep you from reaching your fitness goals! In need of some inspiration? We’ve got you covered!


5 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy & Active this Holiday Season


Keep Healthy and Stay Active this Holiday Season #Bayer
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1. Try a winter-friendly workout!

  • Why not beat the winter exercise slump with a new workout tailored to the colder temperatures? If you’re someone who typically gets active outside, try an indoor activity like aqua aerobics, indoor rock climbing, hitting the gym, or an indoor group exercise class. Challenge yourself to find one new workout a month, or list your top three and cross them off once you’ve given them a try!
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself if a cold temporarily puts a wrench in your workout goals. Just make sure you get back on track once you’re rested and recuperated. If lingering nasal congestion is an obstacle, try a nasal saline-spray to clear your sinuses. hydraSense® Daily Nasal Care products are 100% naturally-sourced seawater that is clinically proven to reduce and relieve your nasal cold symptoms. hydraSense® Daily Nasal Care products can be used alongside your other oral cough and cold medications.


Keep Healthy and Stay Active this Holiday Season #Bayer
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2. Drink more water!

  • You know water is important, but it can be harder to remember in the winter when you’re not feeling hot and sweaty. There are many great apps out there these days to help you log your water intake. If you’re looking for something with a fun twist, try Plant Nanny. When you drink water, not only are you staying hydrated, but you also help an adorable plant friend grow!
  • Don’t let this one drop when you’re not feeling well. Getting enough liquids is especially important when you’re sick. Try adding a vitamin-C tablet to your water to help you maintain a good health. Redoxon® Tablets give you ten oranges worth of Vitamin C*, which should motivate anyone to drink up!
    *Redoxon® is not meant to replace food.

3. Focus on fruit!

  • Eating fresh vitamin-packed fruits during the winter can definitely seem more difficult to achieve without farmer’s markets and orchards, but it’s no excuse to cut back on them! Eating a variety of fruits is always fun, so why not challenge yourself to eat the rainbow?
  • Frozen fruits are an easy-option if you struggle to keep fresh in the house, but make sure to check for added sugars. While it’s easy to track your own fruit intake, it can be harder with kids. Not sure if your little ones are finishing their apples and getting their vitamins? Try supplementing with FLINTSTONES® multivitamins. You’ll love that they’re the #1 brand choice of pediatricians. They’ll love that they come in delicious chewables or gummies!


Keep Healthy and Stay Active this Holiday Season #Bayer
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4. Schedule your sleep!

  • Bedtimes aren’t just for kids! The best way to get your sleep back on schedule is to pick a consistent time to hit the pillow. Write it down so you can track how often you’re making it to bed on-time. If you’re consistently going to bed too late, think critically about what’s making you miss the mark.
  • One of the major bedtime derailers is your cellphone, so limit screen time one hour before sleep.


5 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy & Active this Holiday Season #Bayer
5 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy & Active this Holiday Season with Woman holding arms up outside – Pinterest


5. Wash your hands!

  • An oldie but a goodie! This is particularly important goal to maintain, especially during cold & flu season! Hand washing is the most effective way to kill those pesky germs! The trick, however, isn’t to wash quickly for five seconds, but at least for a full thirty seconds (which is equivalent to singing happy birthday to yourself). Be a hand washing hero this winter and help prevent the spread of germs!
  • It doesn’t end here! If you plan on working out at the gym this winter, make sure to clean and disinfect your equipment before and after each use. It’s a sure way to know that the equipment you’re using isn’t covered with germs, sweat, or other bodily fluids. Not only are you protecting yourself, but you’re also preventing others using the equipment after you from catching anything.


Keep Healthy and Stay Active this Holiday Season #Bayer
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What are some personal health goals you’re hoping to achieve this upcoming winter? Share below!


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

Christelle, but please call me Chrisi. Cinnamon hot chocolate connoisseur. Honorary Princess. Registered Nurse and aspiring writer to be.

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  1. I agree with all of these. I think that washing your hands thoroughly and often is a big one to stop the spread of germs. I’d also advise getting your flu shot, that protects not only you but the community too. Multivitamins are also a good idea.


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