Dreams: Are they real, a fragment of the imagination or simply a part of one nocturne life

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Ever wonder what dreams are all about? Are they real, a fragment of the imagination or simply a part of one nocturne life.  Dreams can be prophetic, funny, scary at times especially to a young child. Children dream as often as adults; parents will encounter a morning conversation full of details and with all the commotion that is demanded with morning schedules, will not always find time and patience to listen to it.

Actually, listening is quite important,as a child new to all that is going around is in fact discovering a very important part of life, the one related to intuition, spirituality and trust.  Trust that one side of life is validated, understood and believed to be of interest.  Children may have premonition dreams, playful experiences and a parent who is capable of tuning in can foresee what the child is or not having conflicts with himself or others.  Children may not interpret as an adult the meaning of a dream, but as the parent listens and secures the child, he or she will learn that sharing is allowed in his family, thus developing a tighter bond with his relatives.

There are many books to help understand the meaning of dreams, and even this one on Understanding the Most Memorable Dreams and Nightmares of Childhood.

This is my wish to all parents, be patient, understanding, read books on dreams and have a wonderful night life.




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I am a grand-parent interested in family relationships, consciousness, decor, books, movies. Unpublished author, who loves to write and expand knowledge about all that may bring peace of mind - meditation, exercise - exchange of views and opinions on what matter most in life. Love, respect and growth, harmony, friendship and understanding changes that we all face in this very important life patterns.

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  1. Maria Iemma says:

    I’ve often wondered about dreams…sometimes they are so nice and sweet and other times they are scary – like last night’s— I woke up in a sweat and my heart pounding.

  2. Christine says:

    Dreams also reflect what we are struggling, coping with during awakened hours. Subconscious mind may also release information as the conscious mind tries to understand the symbols related to the dream. Having a dream noted down helps finding out what are your personal symbols and how they relate to you personally.

  3. kathy downey says:

    I’ve often wondered about dreams also,I have strange dreams sometimes about people who have died.

    • Christine says:

      HI Kathy,

      Our loved ones contact us through dreams, we can accept this as normal, our level of consciousness is now raising, more of us are experiencing these kind of dreams, as long as they are positive you are blessed with a visitation of your loved ones. Others also acknowledge dreams of their pets who have died. It is so comforting to realize that love never dies. Hope this makes sense for you. Pray and ask God to protect you and your family.


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