Discovering Pet Fun with Playmobil Canada – Reviews

Discovering Pet Fun with Playmobil Canada – Reviews

Pets are a furry, feathery or scaly member of the family that kids love interacting with. Children can also learn so much from caring and interacting with them. Playmobil Canada understands the important relationship between pets and children. They asked my family if we would like to discover more pet fun with some of the sets from their City Life collection. I knew my kids would be over the moon with excitement, so I surprised them with these Playmobil sets at home!  

Below are the three sets my kids received to begin their vet training with:

Discovering Pet Fun with Playmobil Canada
Pet-themed playlets from Playmobil Canada.

A great getaway for pets

Pets, no matter their size, need a place to play when their owners are away. The Tiny Paws Pet Hotel set allows for mini vets to care for their furry and feathery guests in a comfy facility. 

Discovering Pet Fun with Playmobil Canada
Tiny Paws Pet Hotel playset.

Fur guests and their owners can go through the swinging pet entry doors. Storage is also provided with shelving above the main entrance. Animal friends can then be registered at the reception area. 

Discovering Pet Fun with Playmobil Canada
Characters in interior of Tiny Paws Pet Hotel playset.

My kids did not know where to start playing with this set. There is so much to take in and discover at this pet hotel. They were in awe at the swinging front doors that leads pets into this play palace. The reception and kitchen/laundry area made them laugh. Both kids could not stop giggling over the cans of pet food with cute labels. The small swinging door to the outside enclosure was used over and over by a few dogs during playtime. 

The favourite feature in the outdoor space of the Pet Hotel is the seesaw. When the dogs were outside, they took turns rising and falling on it. My kids also liked to have these pet guests running around the yard and resting in the pet homes when they needed a break.

Discovering Pet Fun with Playmobil Canada
Child playing with characters of Tiny Paws Pet Hotel playset.

A kitty cat’s paradise

Cat lovers! Get excited to give your furry friend a fun place to stay at the Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding set! This place has totally gone over to the cats as it is equipped for cat fun in every corner. The interior features a suspended branch that connects different climbing and hiding spaces. A giant climbing tree with toys and lounge areas help to entertain furry guests. Felines can sashay in and out of this kitty playland through a swinging cat door. 

Discovering Pet Fun with Playmobil Canada
Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding playset.

My son is a big cat lover. The Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding set was his favourite set to play with. He was howling with glee when he saw the interior. He had the cats climbing all over this space. Others were placed in the fun hiding spaces. The cat in the litter box did not go unnoticed either. 

Discovering Pet Fun with Playmobil Canada
Child playing with characters in interior of Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding playset.

There is a cat that looks like his fur brother, and it became my son’s favourite. He took this cat through the swinging cat door to play with the other cats in the big tree outside. The cats had fun leaping from different lounge spots and playing in the sun.

Pet grooming on-the-go

It’s not always easy for furry members of the family to get to the groomers to keep looking their best. Playmobil Canada is here to help with their Mobil Pet Groomer set

Discovering Pet Fun with Playmobil Canada
Mobile Pet Grooming set.

This vehicle is a sporty SUV that can take pet up-keep anywhere. All of the accessories a friendly pet groomer needs to keep Fido and Cleo looking their best is included in this set. The grooming table is equipped with a rotating support rod for the dog leash, towel holder and a grooming equipment basket. There is a two-piece box that holds bows to add the finishing touches to a great trim. A tub with a sponge allows young groomers to get pets squeaky clean. 

Discovering Pet Fun with Playmobil Canada
Grooming table of Mobile Pet Grooming set.

All of the grooming equipment can them fit neatly into the back of this vehicle to be brought to the next customer.

Discovering Pet Fun with Playmobil Canada
Girl placing Mobile Pet Grooming playset into back of vehicle.

My daughter was all over this set! She adores poodles, so she could not wait to make sure it was looking gorgeous from snout to tail. There were so many tools to use to clean, trim, brush and perfect this pooch playmate. My daughter also loves folding up her equipment and putting everything away to zoom off to her next client. She had the groomer and the poodle sitting together to travel and have fun grooming adventures together.

It’s the little things that make the difference

For all of these sets, it is the little things that counted where my kids were concerned. I always find that Playmobil Canada pays attention to fun little details that make imaginative play so much fun. The bucket and scoop for the litter box, the cans of pet food with labels, and the minute grooves on the grooming equipment added to how much attention my littles ones paid to these sets during playtime. It is these added touches that really helps to bring these sets to life.

Pet love made (more) fun

My kids are becoming more in love with caring for pets with these pet care sets from Playmobil Canada! There is never a dull moment when my kids are playing with the Tiny Paws Pet Hotel. Anytime is a purrfet time to play with the Purrfect Cat Boarding set. Play pet grooming can be done anywhere with the Mobil Pet Groomer vehicle. Both of my kids have also come to love our furry family member because of this set.  They want to do more with out cat and show him how much they care about him.

Discovering Pet Fun with Playmobil Canada
Discovering Pet Fun with Playmobil Canada

Do you want your child to discover more pet loving fun with Playmobil Canada? We found other great items on their website! We also enjoyed connecting with them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube channels!

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    • Both of my boys would also LOooooove to play with the Tiny Paws Pet hotel. My youngest just asked to have a dog again… Our girl rescue beagle Olive passed prior his arrival.

  1. My granddaughter would also like the Porsche Macan GTS
    product no.: 9376 Car, trailer and a horse. She love those horses.

  2. I think my granddaughter would love the Tiny Paws Pet Hotel playset. She would love all the set! she love to pretend play!

  3. My 3 year old would go crazy for the cat boarding set! We recently rescued a kitten, and they are the very best friends!

  4. Here’s another one my grandkids would not just for the fun but also for the names 9461 Gobber the Belch with Sheep Sling

    • Lynda – that’s a great set. My son got it for Christmas and just loves it! It was his favourite gift.

  5. Playmobil has a great variety of toys for lots of fun, today 9247 Astrid & Stormfly would be my choice for my grandkids.

  6. The Mobile Pet Grooming set would really teach Elijah how to care for pets. I know he would love playing with this Playmobil set.

  7. These sets are all awesome!! I think my kids would love some “pet love” playtime with the Purrfect Stay Cat Boarding set! We’re going on a vacation next year and have been discussing where our kitty Desi will go while we are away. I think they would love to play with the cat boarding set to imagine what his experience will be like if we choose to do a boarding option. My youngest thinks we should bring the cat with us (totally not possible) so this set would help her see what kind of fun Desi could have on his own “vacation”!

  8. Both sets would be appreciated but the pet grooming would be the fave because it includes a dog and we are a dog loving family.

  9. I think they all look like lots of fun but I am thinking pet grooming on the go would be a favorite my nephews and niece as they all go to the pet groomers with mom and dad when it is time for the doggie to get some spa time!!

  10. My 4 year old would definitely love the pet hotel! Her aunt works at a hotel and she loves to visit… and she keeps asking to take our dog there because she loves it so much!


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