Discoveries from Here and Beyond with DK Canada Books ~ #Review

Discoveries from Here and Beyond with DK Canada Books

Discoveries are what get my family hungry to learn. We are always looking into new topics we have heard about for more information. DK Canada understands our thirst for discovery. They have a collection of books that allow readers to jump right into learning. My family was asked if we would like to receive three books to help us enjoy discoveries from here and beyond. We were excited to start discovering with these books.

Below are the three books my family received to begin our learning discoveries:

Discoveries from Here and Beyond with DK Canada
DK Canada book covers.

Discoveries about ourselves

There are various beliefs and practices people follow where medicine is concerned. The great thing about this field is that it is always evolving with new discoveries. Medicine  takes readers through this vast area of study. From ancient time to the present day, Medicine shares the history of numerous notable figures, theories and practices in medicine for readers to discover. Beautiful images and diagrams help to share this journey with readers.

Discoveries from Here and Beyond with DK Canada
Medicine book cover.

One great part of this book is learning about the differences in thought about how the human body functions throughout our history. “The Anatomy Revolution” section of Medicine focuses on how these beliefs have changed. Learning how Anderas Vesalius was inspired to change the way we see the human body by the anatomical illustrations by Leonardo Da Vinci was fascinating to read. I would not have gained this bit of knowledge without delving into this great read.

Discoveries from Here and Beyond with DK Canada
“The Anatomy Revolution” section of Medicine.

Discoveries about what lies beyond our borders

I am a HUGE fan of astronomy. I have been looking up at the stars since I was a child, and I still want to learn more about our universe. Smithsonian Universe  takes readers of all ages on a deep space exploration of the cosmos.

Discoveries from Here and Beyond with DK Canada
Smithsonian Universe book cover.

I gravitated towards the “History of the Constellations” section of this book. I love learning about the many astronomers, ancient and modern and the number of times the skies. Due to their findings, the stars we see have changed. The Atlas Coelestis image created by John Flamstead really brings the skies, in both hemispheres, to life for star gazers.

Discoveries from Here and Beyond with DK Canada
“The History of Constellations” section of Smithsonian Universe.

Danger discoveries, big and small 

Our family love learning about animals. We are always amazed to learn something new about the creatures we share this planet with. Reading Nature’s Deadliest Creatures: A Visual Encyclopedia introduces 150 dangerous creatures come together to begin educating young readers. This book shares animals all areas of the animal kingdom. Each animal profiled in this book has snippets of information about what makes them so dangerous.

Discoveries from Here and Beyond with DK Canada
Nature’s Deadliest Creatures book cover.

My son is an avian fanatic. He loves knowing why the golden eagle is so dangerous. My son thought it was awesome that this predatory bird is able to hunt animals like foxes and cats. His favourite part of the golden eagle is its talons and how strong they are. I only take issue with the amount of details given in this book. I wish there were more information about each animal featured. My kids have many more questions after getting our feet wet with the creatures in this book.

Discoveries from Here and Beyond with DK Canada
“Golden Eagle” section of Nature’s Deadliest Creatures.

Fun through our reading discoveries

My family loved what we learned through our discoveries with the books we received from DK Canada. It is great to see how far we have come when it comes to understanding ourselves with Medicine. We were able to see gaze the skies with a new understanding of it with Smithsonian UniverseNature’s Deadliest Creatures: A Visual Encyclopediaintroduced us to a new respect for animals big and small. We love that we are always finding fun discoveries, both here and beyond, with these titles from DK Canada!

Discoveries from Here and Beyond with DK Canada
Discoveries from Here and Beyond with DK Canada

Would you like more know about books from DK Canada?  You can discover more titles on their website. We also connected with them on their FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received products from DK Canada to write this review. The views I share are my own.

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  1. Wild Animals,
    I teach literacy at the library and my learner is in love with animals, I would give it to him- he has so little.

  2. Everyday Sports Injuries would be a interesting book I’d love to give to my son as he always seems to have something or other from weight lifting etc.

  3. Nature’s Deadliest Creatures would be interesting and I expect a lot of these creatures are in Australia – there the spiders are massive though not all are dangerous.

  4. I would discover something new with the book How Not to Kill Your Houseplant. I always struggle with keeping them alive inside.

  5. I think the medicine book looks very interesting. My son is interested in being a vet technician and would likely really enjoy this one.

  6. Explorers would be interesting and also instill a bit of history no doubt, this book would be of great interest to my grandchildren.

  7. I’m a book addict and love reading, I’d love to read How Not to Kill Your Houseplant before passing the book onto my daughter-in-law who’s inability to keep a plant alive is renowned.

  8. I would enjoy learning something new from the book American Museum of Natural History: Pocket Birds of North America, Western Region.

  9. I could discover something new and be ready for emergencies with the book First Aid Fast for Babies and Children 2nd Canadian Edition.

  10. I’ve quite amazed at the variety of birds I’ve seen on the little lake at the bottom of our garden from pelicans to birds of prey so the book Birds of Western Canada 2nd Edition would help me identify those I don’t know.

  11. American Museum of Natural History: Pocket Birds of North America, Western Region book would help to discover lots of new things!!

  12. American Museum of Natural History: Pocket Birds of North America, Eastern Region book would help to discover lots of new things!!


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