Dinnertime Chat with my Girls

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I know, I know. I’ve been MIA for a while. I promise I’ve been meaning to write but I’ve been busy, and tired, and, and … and nothing.  No excuses. I raced home tonight, prepared dinner, fed the girls and in 15 minutes we will be out the door to head to an evening of piano followed by gymnastics. Mondays are crazy nights around here but I definitely don’t over-schedule the family for the rest of the week. We enjoy spending evenings together. But I digress. The point is, I had a few minutes while my girls were eating supper and it dawned on me, they would be the focus of this post. Dinnertime chat with my girls and rapid fire questions with Gia (6) and Eva (9) over a little steak stir-fry to reconnect with my daughters.


Girls October (Small)


Dinnertime Chat with my Girls


If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Gia: Can I be a bug? I want to be a bug.

Katina: Sure. What kind of bug?

Gia: I’d want to be a caterpillar so I could turn into a butterfly. They have lots of colours and if I was a butterfly then I could fly.

Eva: Gia! Do you know butterflies only live for like one or two weeks?? I’d want to be a bird because I want to know how it feels to fly.

Gia: Hey! I want to fly too.  I said the same thing.


What do you like to do for fun?

G: I like to be creative.

K: How are you creative?

G: I use my imagination. It makes me feel different and I like to be different. Not everyone has to be exactly the same!

E: I like to do gymnastics at home and (giggling) I like talking with my friends.


What is your happiest memory?

G: When I went to Cuba for the first time.

K: Why is that?

G: I had a lot of fun on vacation, we went to the beach, and we had a huge shower in our hotel room.

E: Going to Canada’s Wonderland for my 6th birthday.

K: Why is that?

E: It was a huge surprise. I was obsessed with The Next Star on TV and we got to see the show finale live!


What is the nicest thing you have done for someone?

G: Helping them out?

K: How?

G: With their work at school. I feel good helping.

E: Make them feel happy. When I see someone feeling bad, I tell them good things about them to make them feel better.


What makes you feel bad?

G: When I’m being silly sometimes and I’m trying to make people laugh but they tell me to stop and tell me I’m not funny.

E: When people don’t want to be with me or aren’t interested in the activities or games I want to play.


Dinnertime Chat with my Girls

Dinnertime Chat with my Girls


What do you love most about your sister?

G: That she’s creative too.

E: That she is funny. She says funny jokes all the time and says random comments that make no sense.


What’s your favourite song?

G: Talk Dirty to Me

E: We Are Stars


What’s the grossest thing you can think of?

G: Cheese. It stinks.

E: Raisins.

K: Why?

E: Because they are gooey and weird.


What is your favourite thing to do with Dad?

G: Playfight.

E: Playfight … yeah, that’s fun.


What is your favourite thing to do with Mom?

G: Giving hugs.

E: Alone time with Mommy, just talking.


How would you describe yourself?

G: I’m very talented and I read really well.

E: Awesome and better than Gia! Lol!!! Just kidding. I’m smart and, hmmm, to conclude, I want to say that I’m totally awesome!

Do you notice any differences in their answers? Gia’s answers fly out of her mouth without a moment’s hesitation. Eva pauses, thinks, fidgets slightly yet seems confident when she speaks. What influences how our daughters answer questions? Is it age-related? Is it personality? Is it something else altogether? When do we start to worry what others think of us? When do we start letting that influence our answers? I hope I will help my daughter’s learn to continue to speak up, to express their opinions, to be creative and not get hung up on what others think. That’s all for now … gotta go!



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  1. Brenda A says:

    Great answers! I might do this with my girls tonight to see what/how they answer! The differences might be a combination of age and personality.

    BTW, what does your daughter think “Talk Dirty to Me” is about?

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    This is too cute! Your girls sound really sweet and bright.

  3. Katina Michelis says:

    Thanks ladies! lol:) I don’t even want to know what my daughter thinks “Talk Dirty to Me” is about!! I just giggle how she jumps up to dance or bounces around in the backseat every time the song comes on the radio.

  4. Suzie M says:

    What a great idea
    you never get any answers when you ask a vague question

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